Good Morning to all my lovely blog readers,

I hope the week is treating you well so far? I recently had a great pre-wedding shoot with Heather and Roy at South Lodge, Lower Beeding, West Sussex. We were lucky in that it did not rain but the wind was rather strong; I quite liked it as it made for some dramatic shots.

South Lodge has so many wonderful photographic opportunities both inside and out. Heather brought along some balloons as it was Roy’s birthday so we had a stroll with them before setting them free! It was then down to the lake and then back into the house to create a bit of drama.

I am posting four images today; the first is a sneaky kiss stolen in a telephone box and reminds me of days gone by, the second showcases our balloons and I think this should be called 99 red balloons, I know there are not 99, but I like it! The third shot is a quiet stroll with said ballons just prior to their release. The last shot of the day is utilising our very own wind machine; I just love the way that Heather’s skirt billows in the wind.

I have some albums to design this week and I have a very interesting shoot at the weekend, alas not one that will be public for a bit. The concept is really exciting and there are a number of factors that remain a little out of our control at the moment, thus adding a little ‘frisson’ to the proceedings.

Have the most fabulous weekend and looking forward to catching up with you next week.



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