Video Calls during Coronavirus

So here we all are adapting to a new way of living and working. Video calls during coronavirus is one of those adaptations that fill us with dread!!!

If you are anything like me, during the call my eye often strays over to the mini picture of me in the corner of the screen to see what on earth I actually look like.

If you are becoming a bit anxious then not to worry I have a few tips to make the whole process of video calls during coronavirus just a tad less horrific!!!


This is a biggy; make sure the light is behind the device you are using. If the light is behind you and not your device, then you are in danger of looking like the James Bond Villain with the white cat! The people you are talking to won’t able to see you and the whole point of video calls during coronavirus is to see people.

If the light is coming from a window then this will be the best as this is a natural daylight so will be a good colour temperature. Try to avoid overhead spotlights or lights that come up from the floor; this is known as horror lighting and yep you guessed it you aren’t going to look at your best with this type of light. All sorts of nasty shadows will be falling over your face.


Looking down is never a good look unless you are a young and vibrant supermodel. Alas I don’t tick either of those boxes, so positioning is really, really important for me.

The aim is to position your device slightly higher so that it is looking down on you, it’s a very flattering position. You may need to prop your device on some books to get the height just right.


Choose a background that is professional; I like to take video calls in my office as this is my working environment so my head is in the correct space, so to speak. The background in my office isn’t too distracting and definitely shows it is my workplace.


They say dress from the waist up but I like to dress fully. The rule of thumb when photographers are trained in posing is to pose from the feet up so I see no reason not to adopt this and dress from the feet up for my video calls during coronavirus!

If you dress from the waist up, you won’t be able to move about. If you are required to get something during the video call and you have to stand up, can you imagine showing your clients your grungy old PJ bottoms or worse still your pants or knickers.


During the video call make sure you engage as you would face to face; I know how easy it is to drift off to that mini me in the corner. Do that and the person you are speaking to will think you are not engaged.

Have Fun

We are so lucky to be able to have a huge amount of technology at our fingertips to stay in touch. Be brave, have fun and stay connected.

Stay Home and Stay Safe everyone.


This is me ready for video calls during coronavirus!!