Are you seeing Double? Baby Bumps Photography East Grinstead West Sussex - Katie and Claire


Good Afternoon Folks,

Whoops I did it again; no wedding blog yet but double baby bumps are not something that comes along every day and I have been given permission by Katie and Claire to share one of their images with you all. I do love pregnancy photography, and to photograph two bumps was a brilliant challenge; what makes this even more special is these are not any old baby bumps, they are the bumps of two sisters, yup two sisters :) Now to take the story even further the bubs were only born 4 weeks apart and they were both boys, now what's the odds? I love the imagery but I also love the story that surrounds the photographs I take; and the chances of this happening frequently has to be rarer than hen's teeth; that one is for Katie and Andy who I know will giggle.

I must admit I did wrack my brains to think of some double bubble poses, I would sit and ponder then images would pop into my head. I have little filing cabinets in my head for different things, so this went in my pregnancy cabinet!! We did a few things on the day all of which I loved, but this type of photography is very personal so I always like to respect my client's wishes so this is the only one you are going to see folks!

Katie was one my lovely brides and Claire was her bridesmaid, so you can imagine how touched and proud I was that they came back to me for this very special session. Keep an eye out for Jacob, Katie and Andy's handsome little boy as he will be on the blog soon. I haven't met Alex yet but I am really looking forward to meeting him in the near future, from the images I have seen of him he is just like his cousin, incredibly handsome.

Wedding blog next…promise! Liar, liar pants on fire I hear you chant but would you have me any other way ;)

Claire :)

Paula - East Grinstead Pregnancy Photography: Sussex Portrait Photographers

Good Morning,

A little more imagery today; Paula came to the studio for a secret pregnancy portrait session as she wanted to give her partner a piece of art for his birthday; and what better than a beautiful image of her carrying their beautiful baby girl.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time and often gets overlooked; I just love the contours of a pregnant woman. She is carrying the miracle of a new life and this should really be celebrated.

Here is an image of Paula and she was quite happy for me to post it to my blog, and who wouldn't be; she is gorgeous!

Their little girl has now been born and I cannot wait to photograph her in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great day,


July - Gemma and Peanut

Gemma is part of my bump to one year project and here are some images of her when she was still pregnant with Peanut. Peanut is now the lovely Eva and I had the great pleasure of photographing her today with Gemma; she is gorgeous with beautiful luscious hair. When I photographed Gemma, I set myself the goal of using natural light, one studio light with softbox and a torch in Gemma's home to see what I could come up with. I will post some images of Eva with a DVD Slideshow tomorrow.

April - First Pregnancy Images

Becs, Colin, Millie and Teapot kindly agreed to be my guinea pigs for my very first pregnancy shoot. The aim of this shoot was to use only one light with a softbox to see what I could come up with and here they are. Thank you and I am looking forward to coming up and photographing little Teapot after he has made his entrance into the world; good luck Becs!