Headshots - Amy Dulcie


Happy Sunday Folks and some more Headshots for you today 🙂

Say hello to Amy Seymour or Our Amazing Amz as I affectionately call her; I have been doing Amy’s headshots for about five years now and just when I think she cannot get any more beautiful, hey presto she does!!

Amy is a very talented actor, presenter and blogger. From the first blog I did about Amy I always said that she is set to go far and I know this to be true because there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline and Our Amz is one of life’s ‘do’ers’, so she will be out there forging a great career for herself.

This set of  headshots is for a new agency that she has been signed to and the brief was clean, simple and organic. Amy had an idea of the type of thing she was looking for and sent me a mood board for inspiration, which is always helpful. On the day we experimented with a view to creating a portfolio that was varied and like Jake showed her versatility. As always we had tremendous fun, and Amy you are a joy to work with and to be your photographer is a real honour. I really do count myself lucky to have the most fabulous people to photograph I really do.

So without further ado here are her headshots a portfolio of 15 in a mix of black and white and colour. Amy has a full set in both black and white and colour so she can choose the medium most suited to the role she is auditioning for.

Amy can be found on the following sites:-


Amy Seys


I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I loved taking them.

Claire 🙂


Actor Headshots - Jake an Englishman in New York!

Actor Headshots


Good Afternoon Folks,

Today we talk about Actor Headshots.  Jake is an Actor studying in New York and on a recent trip home he needed a new portfolio of Actor Headshots. The brief that Stella Adler gave him was to capture the a’ representation of you’, ummm what to do, what to do!!!! The brief well was…brief, so after lots of agonising and looking at other Actor Headshots in the USA I thought I might have an idea of what the ‘representation of you’ meant. The one thing we did know what they had to be different from the UK ones.

On the day I still wasn’t 100% on what we were going to get but hey we decided we would go with the flow. Jake and I trawled though what seemed thousands of images to see if we could get the ‘representation of that person’ notably these were all American actors and yes we felt a theme coming on so we then headed into the studio to get a ‘representation of Jake’.

No one person can be defined wholly in one image and that much was obvious from our earlier trawlings through the ‘net’, so we set about seeing what we could capture of Jake and how the shots could be used to show different facets of his own personality and facets of the characters he could bring to life. To create a portfolio with variety means that he can pick the most pertinent headshot for a particular role, but as a set hopefully the casting directors can see versatility in him and the craft he is honing.

The images needed to be in a 10×8 inch ratio in order for him to have his CV one side and the head shot the other and in portrait. As you can see they are mostly head and shoulders, again this is the usual but I wanted to throw in a few wildcards for variety and interest when they are being seen as a set, so yes some landscape ones too.

So here we have it the final set of Jake’s Actor Headshots made in England for the USA and I hope they serve him well until they need updating.

I enjoyed the shoot and we, as always, had a laugh. I have been photographing Jake for a number of years now and it has been an honour to be a part of his life and progression. Jake, I have high hopes for you and the dream of walking down the red carpet at one of your premieres; I feel this could be getting closer…no pressure there then 😉

Have a great day folks,

Claire 🙂


Sunny Andre - A Homage to the '60s Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Afternoon Folks,

A little while ago a seed of an idea popped into my head following my shoot with Sunny Andre earlier in the year. We didn’t quite manage to utilise her amazing cape so this little seed of an idea started to flourish in what was to become the shoot you see today ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.

I wanted to go completely retro and take us back to a homage of the ’60s and to also explore what it would be like for a young woman, especially a young Hindu woman to exist in an era of great change. I think that she would have been trying to remain true to her culture but also wanting to embrace this amazing time for young people. I can only imagine this would have caused conflict within the family; so my idea for Good Girl Gone Bad was to explore her transition from trying to keep a foot in both camps with conflict, then her complete rebellion into a sassy lady with vampish qualities!

Sunny was definitely up for this and I knew this era would suit her perfectly as she has a love of this look as much as I do. I mooted the idea to Asta Perkins who is the most amazingly talented hair and make-up artist and things started to take shape. It is really difficult when you have images in your head and then to relay them but Asta, as usual was spot on and created this subtle transition beautifully. I wanted to use Wakehurst Place once again as this is such a versatile venue. In particular I wanted to use the Millennium Seed Bank because of its futuristic metallic and glass look. The ’60s was all about the future and the vision at this time often involved lots of metallic influences and glass. I also wanted to symbolise the future for the progression for our Good Girl Gone Bad so this brought it all together nicely!

So we start with our Good Girl; very sweet but with make-up, hair and clothes that may have been frowned upon at the time. Our Good Girl senses her parents disapproval and wants to buck the trend and be accepted by her peer group so we see a change in demeanour. Then next stage is a change of clothes and shoes, which is where the cape comes into play. We can now see that our Good Girl is changing and this would probably be to her parents dismay; the more dismayed her parents are the more she wants to progress and to fit in with her peer group. The final transition is her make-up, which Asta made much darker; gone is the sweet innocent hair band and replaced by vampish sunglasses and so our Good Girl goes Bad! We used a cigarette and cigar in the shoot. Although frowned upon today in the ’60s this was considered a transition to adulthood but for a young Hindu woman smoking would not have been accepted by her family. The cigarette and cigar are symbols of her rebellion and trying to be accepted by her peer group, so these props are a poignant part of the shoot. The laugh is that Sunny and I don’t smoke and never have, Asta has dabbled so managed to get the cigar to look like Sunny was smoking it!!!

Sunny was a brilliant model as she managed to work with me to make those subtle transitions and really get to grips with the project to portray our ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. Asta was a marvel as I loved the way she changed Sunny’s look; a good make-up artist is a true find and one that can create a look from very scant information (i.e. Asta) is a treasure.

So here are some of the images and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them and I did creating the final piece.

Claire 🙂

I want to say a big thank you to:-
Model www.sunnyandre.co.uk
Hair and Make-up www.astaperkins.co.uk/about-asta
Venue www.kew.org/visit-wakehurst




Amy's Headhsots: Actors Headshots West Sussex Photographers



Good Morning Folks,

I thought it was high time I posted some studio work with a sprinkling of location work today!  Recently I photographed the stunningly beautiful Amy as she needed some new headshots and more imagery for her portfolio.  Amy is a budding actor, she has done loads of theatre but you may have seen her popping up in the Aviva adverts.  She is a very talented young lady with a lovely personality so I think we will be seeing much more of our Amy in the future.

I am posting a three images today; two from the session we had in the studio and one on location.  We went to another location where I was able to capture an image for my secret project so it was happy days all round.

Have a great weekend and whatever you are up to, take a raincoat; how droll am I.....not!!


September - Jake

Had a busy weekend in the studion and on location. In the afternoon Jake came over for some updated headshots that he needed for his acting work. Once we finished those it was off outside to try something a little different; we dodged the rain and embraced the rain and here are a couple of shots from the session along with the usual slideshow.