A Thank you to The Print Foundry Lab

Today’s blog is a big shout out to The Print Foundry; not only have they voluntarily made PPE during lockdown they are now producing fantastic kits for businesses like me to purchase.

Even though I could quite legally open for business again on 15th June, for me personally I see myself in the same category as hairdressers; I really wanted to exercise caution, take a step back and assess the situation.

Lockdown Hair!!

I also saw no sense in photographing anyone with lockdown hair; in the main people will not be feeling good about themselves at this point!!!


The first thing was to sign up to the Covid-19 protocol with the Master Photographers Association with the next step of applying the logistics of this to my own business.

What did I need?

I started with masks; followed by electronic sanitizing units. I’ve always had sanitizer but I wanted to ramp things up a bit and go hands free… I know how to live Folks!!

The Print Foundry Lab

This amazing company, which I am lucky enough to have local to me, did what so many amazing businesses have done and diversified.

They have been busy making PPE in the form of plastic visors for the NHS, all voluntary and all free.

They have now branched out into making splendid kits for businesses like me to be able to create our new normal.

The Kit!

Thanks to the Print Foundry I now have the kit so along with my other purchases now is the time to put everything into place.

Trial Shoot

I have a trial shoot booked and yes this is with lockdown hair!!!! It will be good to get behind the camera properly again but also having a test run will give me time to refine things if need be.

Looking to the Future

It is so good to be tentatively looking to the future now and I hope you all are too. I cannot wait to see you all again, a little bit differently but still as lovely.

See you all soon Folks and as always, stay safe.

Claire 😊

Link to order your ‘New Normal’ kit:-