Thank You!

Thank you for considering me to create something wonderful for you. There are lots of studio portrait photographers to choose from out there so I am chuffed to bits that you are looking at me.

Why Come to Me?

Why come to me when there are so many studio portrait photographers to choose from? Well I am an experienced and professionally qualified photographer. I have won multiple awards for my work but all these things are often overlooked today.   There is a reason why I am qualified and why I win awards for my work and that is the quality of my work that has been tested within the industry.

The reason I win awards for my work is the stories my images tell; it’s not just a case of plonking you in the studio, clicking the shutter and hoping for the best. It’s about telling a story for you, making a memory for you and using beautiful lighting for you. The end result is images you will have as heirlooms for the future.

I Hate Myself in Photographs

This is the one thing that most people say to me and it’s no wonder with the smart phone and filters as the camera of choice today. Bad lighting, bad posing will always make you hate your images; when you come to me, you come to be captured as your true self not the hastily shot image with you grimacing produced from a smart phone.

What I Love

I love seeing your face when you see your images; your joy is my joy because I have created something so different and something you truly love.

My Approach

Like my wedding business I do not operate the conveyor belt approach to my studio work. This basically means that you will have a experience that is not rushed and is fun.

Once you’ve had your session I will edit your images and then you come back to me for your viewing.  I do not operate hard sell tactics at the viewing and there will be no obligation to make a purchase.  I know you will love your images so much that you will want to make a purchase and you will have a price list to take home with you on the day of your shoot… it really is all chilled here at WHP!!!

I operate my business in the way I like to be treated as a client and I would much rather know that a studio experience is an investment than to have someone making me feel decidedly uncomfortable in the viewing room with the metaphorical thumb screws; life’s too short and as I mentioned before I am a chilled sort of person!