West Sussex Baby Photography - Ben West Sussex Newborn Photographer

West Sussex Baby Photography

Good Afternoon Folks and today’s post is all about west sussex baby photography!

Here is another beautiful newborn boy for you today. Well it is Spring and we have just had Easter so it seemed very apt.

I was very lucky enough to photograph Ben’s Mummy and Daddy’s wedding in 2013 and it was a joy to see them again with their lovely little boy.

Newborn shoots are generally much longer than normal because it takes time to settle little bubs and get them into that deep, deep sleep that makes these shots so special. I always tell parents not to worry as it will take as long as it takes and there will always be ‘stuff’ happening when the nappy is removed so not to worry in the slightest. The studio is also much warmer than usual as the environment needs to be just right for the shoot. I always wear short sleeves and I advise parents to do the same so they do not overheat!!!

The result is always worth it though and there is nothing more satisfying than capturing those first shots within the first two weeks of life. The newborn phase is so fleeting and once gone can be forgotten so easily if it has not been captured.

I always laugh and say my Mummies and Daddies are getting their blackmail shots ready for when their bubs turn 18 and bring their first Girlfriend or Boyfriend home…so little ones watch out and make sure you behave yourselves!!!

I hope you all had a smashing Easter and however you chose to celebrate it you had a wonderful time. It was nice to have a few days off Chez Hill and today I am straight back into the swing of things; although I did take a sneaky Friday off a week ago to visit the Ideal Home Exhibition. I do love looking at all the new gizmos and it is just fab for a geek like me : D

Have a great week all and if you are interested in West Sussex Baby Photography then don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Claire 🙂


Tunbridge Wells Baby Newborn Photography


tunbridge-wells-newborn-and-pregnancy-photographerGood Afternoon Folks,

So something a little different from weddings in today's blog; some West Sussex newborn photography!!

I had the honour of photographing Katy and Andy's wedding in 2012 and I loved hearing the news that Katy was pregnant with their first baby. Katy's sister was also pregnant so we did a 'double trouble' bump shoot, which I blogged about ages ago. Little Jacob was born right at the start of the New Year so he came along to the studio when he was just days old to make his photographic debut. He was such chilled little man as you can see from the shot where I was desperate to try out my new donkey slippers; little Jacob obliged and was chillin'!

We did a variety of shots and here is just a small selection from the day. I love the one of Katy and Andy together, the look on their faces says it all; pure love, pride and an amazement of the beautiful new life they made together. I am so privileged to be able to witness these moments and really appreciate how wonderful life truly is.

I hope you love them as much as I do :)

I have lots on this weekend work wise; this week has been a busy one as I have lots of plans in place for the studio along with setting up my new Eizo monitor. It took a while but I now have a two monitor shenanigans going on in the office. I can whizz from one to the other and being able to display things over two monitors is amazing…I know, humour me!! I purchased a couple of other studio bits and bobs so cannot wait to try them out in the coming weeks.

Have a fab weekend all and be sure to pop back to catch up on my monitor musings…Rockin'!!!

Claire :)

Newborn Photography East Grinstead West Sussex - Amelia

Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the world baby girl! Say hello to Amelia a gorgeous newborn who I photographed in East Grinstead recently.

I was Mummy and Daddy's wedding photographer; we had great fun at their Tunbridge Wells wedding and now I was thrilled to meet and photograph little Amelia. This is the most wonderful part of the job I do; to be a part of a new chapter in a couple's life but then to continue to see all their happiest moments. How lucky am I!

There is nothing quite like an e-mail or text with that first scan picture and I am always so, so touched to be a part of the big news, it never fails to make me a little teary to be honest. Ameila sent me an e-mail with her very first picture whilst she was still in hospital (she is a very clever little girly) and we arranged for her to have a debut in front of the cameras and what a little star she was too. She is beautiful and was no trouble at all during the shoot. As with all newborn shoots, once the nappy is off you can guarantee that we will receive some presents and it is nothing to worry about and quite normal but it did make Pete and I laugh when Lisa ran off in the opposite direction with the nappy!! We all sniggered quietly like children for a few minutes before getting back to the job of photographing our little star.

So today I have chosen three images; gorgeous is all warm and snug having a snooze on a cosy blanket, in image two Jemima Puddleduck joins the party and I have used a different sort of light for image three to create something just a little different.

I cannot wait to photograph Amelia again to see how she has grown and she is going to be a real stunner but Dad has already put her name down to be a Nun...dream on Dad! :)


East Grinstead Newborn Photography - Summer Lily: West Sussex Newborn Photography

Good Afternoon Folks,

They say variety is the spice of life, so I am thinking a little blog spice is in order today in the form of some newborn photography taken in our very own East Grinstead.

You met Summer Lily as a bump last week and she was being cuddled by her Sister. Now meet Summer Lily and welcome to the world! It is so exciting when I get to meet the gorgeous baby behind the bump and Summer did not disappoint. We had a wonderfully calm session and I have chosen some close ups to show you today.

Ideally newborn photography is best when your little 'Bubs' is 1-2 weeks old. Once that time has passed the newborn stage begins to pass and your little one starts to gain more strength so some of the chilled out newborn poses become a little more difficult to achieve. Not impossible but this stage passes so quickly it would be a shame to miss having a record of that special newborn time.

I just love this first image; Summer is full of contentment and peace. The second is of her little teddy bear and she is holding him so tightly as she sleeps the sleep of the peaceful. Lastly and warm black and white image of one chilled little girl!

I hope you all had a great weekend; Autumn is truly upon us now so do you have anything spooky in store for this week?

Claire :)

Newborn and Children Photography Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead - Frankie and Calley

Good Morning to everyone in the world of blogs :)

Recently I photographed a newborn session with the gorgeous Frankie; he was one chilled out little man.  The atmosphere during these sessions is one of peace and calm and everything is done slowly, quietly and deliberately so that the lovely newborn never senses any urgency or strain.  You will be surprised at how much the little ones can pick up and I always come away feeling very tranquil!

I then photographed the gorgeous Calley; she was so patient during Frankie's session; I absolutely adore the hat she was wearing when I met her so it was a must for her photography.

Today I am posting three images; the first if of Frankie really chillin' and I just love how malleable babies are at this stage, Frankie was only one week old.  The second is a close up of his gorgeousness and last but by no means least is the beautiful Calley.  She has the most amazing eyes and to die for curls.

I had a wonderfully wet wedding on Saturday, it is not worth moaning about the weather anymore I think we should embrace the rain and have fun; and fun we had too,

Today sees the Olympic torch coming to East Grinstead so I am hoping to pop out later to see if  I can capture anything.  If I am successful I will pop a post on here.

Enjoy your week folks and I will blog some images of Andy and Adele later in the week.


Grace: West Sussex Newborn Photography

Good Morning,

I recently photographed Grace's newborn session and it was so lovely to meet her having photographed her as a bump! She was about 2 1/2 weeks old in these images and I was really surprised by the strength that she had for one so young. I have chosen these images as she looks so unfazed by the whole experience and is just chillin'.

Have a great week everyone, the Autumn colours are really starting now so hopefully we will see some glorious hues soon.


May - From Teapot to Max!

As you know I am following Max from bump to one year, here are a few images from our session and a link to a DVD Slideshow. The aim was to use only natural light; no reflectors or artificial light of any kind to see what I could come up with and here it is. I have included a dummy image, feeding image and some with milk on his face. I like to include these and in years to come they will also be moments to cherish and remember.