Jeremy's Borde Hill Gardens Weddings

Alexander House Hotel, East Grinstead

Before the fun begins at Jeremy’s Borde Hill Gardens, Alexander House Hotel is the ideal place to get ready for a wedding.  The rooms are spacious with lots of light for the hair and make-up artists. This was a scorcher of a day and it was already hot before we even arrived at Alexander House!!

The bridal party preparations were well underway and there were some very interesting cocktails being sipped whilst everyone was getting ready.


St Margaret’s Church, West Hoathly

We then headed off to the church to find the boys and take some photographs of them before the arrival of the bride. It was great to see all the guests arriving some were enjoying a couple of summer drinks in The Cat Inn, a very convenient pub!!

Once our lovely bride arrived with her Dad, the most important part of the day could begin.  The coolness of the church was a welcome relief to have the coolness of the church. The ceremony was lovely with fun elements that reflected my bride and groom’s personalities, they did make me giggle behind the camera!!

I do love St Margaret’s Church, not only for its beautiful country location but for the views. We planned some portraiture after the service as the view was a very special one for my bride and groom. It also gave them some much needed time together before joining their guests at Jeremy’s Borde Hill Gardens.


Jeremy’s Borde Hill Gardens

We arrived to the most amazing sound; a steel band, with the weather this was just so perfect. Cocktails were being served and the whole wedding had such a tropical feel. My bride and groom had hoped for a day like this as they wanted a tropical themed wedding and they could not have asked for a more perfect weather in the perfect setting of Jeremy’s Borde Hill Gardens. There was lots of time to relax and sip a cocktail or two before settling down to a magnificent barbeque. The marquee was open on all sides, everything was just magical.


The evening fun at Jeremy’s Borde Hill Gardens!

We had loads of fun in the evening; I think a cocktail or two may have helped things along a bit!! It is a great time to be a bit silly and capture some fun photography; and my oh my was this fun!!!

There was another full barbeque for the evening guests with some very special entertainment and nope I cannot say more!!!

Once the sun had gone down, it was time for us to go and we settled in to the glorious coolness of the air conditioned car to make our way home and chat about another glorious wedding at Jeremy’s Borde Hill Gardens.

Claire 🙂




Wedding at Avisford Park - Claire and Edward

Wedding at Avisford Park

Today I am featuring a wedding at Avisford Park, which is a beautiful hotel in Arundel West Sussex. Claire and Edward booked me after I photographed a wedding that Edward had attended and they were getting married in the same church. This really excited me because I just love Our Lady of England Church in Storrington, not only is it really beautiful but it has the most wonderful light.

Bridal Preparations

Claire was getting ready for her wedding at Avisford Park so that was our first port of call and we arrived to find the preparations in full swing. It was a hot and sultry day but Claire was a cool as a cucumber!!! After much fun, it was off to the church to catch up with the boys.

The Church

Our Lady of England has a beautiful gallery that lead to the convent and this was the perfect spot to capture the boys on a hot day. Not only was the light lovely but it kept them away from the heat of the day. The church was a welcome relief for the arriving guests too. Before we knew it Claire and her Father were on their way and it would not be long until Claire would be marrying the man of her dreams. Claire and Edward had a wonderful Catholic service with communion, their lovely priests were so chilled I was able to move about discretely to ensure that I captured all the important parts of the ceremony including Claire and Edward’s first communion as a married couple. After a very moving service we were off to celebrate their wedding at Avisford Park.

Celebration of Claire and Edward’s Wedding at Avisford Park

Having a Wedding at Avisford Park in the summer is brilliant because they have some very mature trees that provide some gorgeous cooling shade on a summer’s day and there can be nothing nicer than sipping champagne and chatting at this lovely venue. What always seems like a blink of an eye it was time for everyone to be seated for Claire and Edward’s grand entrance before tucking into some yummy food.

The evening was so much fun, not only with the bride and groom portraiture but the mad five minutes we had with the main wedding party; it still makes me laugh now but yikes neat Jägermeister!!!!! I know it plays a very special part in Claire and Edward’s first meeting, but gang, neat : )))))))))

I loved working with the very talented Ioannis from Reel Emotion Weddings, he is a pleasure and a joy to work with so if you are looking for a videographer be sure to pop over to his page to have a look.

Claire and Edward, thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding story and to be a part of your day. I know your wedding day was the start of a long and happy life together and to be a part of your day was an honour.

Claire : )


Wakehurst Place Wedding Photography

Wakehurst Place Wedding Photography

Today’s Wakehurst Place wedding photography features Sam and Ian who had such a beautiful day. Ian is a graphic designer and he had a great eye for detail and if you look closely you will be amazed at his prowess!!!

As usual the day started off with the bridal preparations and we arrived to find things well underway. I love to settle into the day by photographing the dress, for me it’s a tranquil time and sets the scene for the whole day. Sam chose to have her dress designed by our wonderful award winning designer Emma Tindley. I know I am biased but you cannot get better than our Emma, where else are you seen by the designer herself at every fitting and each dress, even off the peg, is made to measure. Most people think this is going to be expensive but Emma’s gowns start at a very reasonable £1,200.00 for off the peg and £1,500.00 for bespoke designs. This price is more than a match for the mass-produced dresses that are currently flooding the market. Emma’s dresses are all designed and made at her West Sussex Boutique, not in China and there are no hidden extras such as alteration charges.

Emma came along to dress Sam so she looked perfection itself to meet Ian. Off we popped to meet up with the boys and met a very nervous Ian, he just couldn’t wait to marry the girl of his dreams and it was so lovely to see, we calmed our Ian down and took some great shots of him and wow folks his suit was amazing. He knew what he wanted and is was bespoke design made to order and I loved it.

So, our lovely couple were married and had a wonderful day laughing and relaxing with their guests. We had a smashing time in the evening strolling through the grounds and it was time for Sam and Ian to spend some time together to reflect on a wonderful day.

We always have such a nice day with our couples and I never tire of seeing the happiness that surrounds every wedding I photograph. I am a Wakehurst Place Wedding Photography recommended supplier so my weddings here are always special.  To see Sam and Ian’s full wedding, click here to watch their slideshow

Have a great week folks and they say that Monday was blue Monday, don’t be blue, the days are lengthening and summer will soon be here.


Claire 🙂


Southend Barns Wedding Venue - Lauren and Peter

Southend Barns Wedding Venue

This was my first time at Southend Barns wedding venue, which is situated near Chichester West Sussex. This is an old dairy that has been converted in the most beautiful venue and was the perfect setting for Lauren and Peter to celebrate their marriage.

The girls were getting ready in the old dairy that is now the bridal suite and it really is a smashing space to start the day.  All the details have been thought through with a really relaxing colour scheme. Lauren and Peter met at university near the barn where they both studied music, and yes folks what I am about to say is very romantic. They wanted to marry where they first met, how absolutely lovely is that! Peter is a member of the Salvation Army so the marriage took place at the Salvation Army Halls in Bognor Regis.

So after much hilarity with the gals we zipped off to Bognor to meet the boys.  Yep you’ve guessed it Peter is part of the Queen’s Guard (apologies Peter if I haven’t got it 100% correct) but he has served in Afghanistan and plays at many of the major events so very amazing in my book 🙂

The wedding service was lovely in that all who were involved have known Peter since he was born so to be a part of his marriage to Lauren was very special indeed.  I am a silly old thing as yet again there was a tear or two from me to be able to capture such lovely moments of a lovely couple who are making the next step to forge a life together.

So after some shots (in the blistering sun) we headed back to Southend Barns wedding venue to start the celebrations. Everyone was such fun and we continued the silliness with Lauren’s parents (and Lauren’s Dad is a very talented musician too) and Peter’s Parents. In actual fact everyone was so lovely we began to feel like one of the guests!!! Lauren and Peter made sure we had a smashing meal even checking that we were served each course.  Now how lovely is that to take the time to check on us during their own wedding breakfast.

We sneaked off for some Bride and Groom portraiture in the evening, with the usual mixture of silliness and romance. I always find the silliness helps the romance to develop in front of the camera.  Well a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding with me if there weren’t prolific amounts of larking about 😉

I hope you enjoy the selection of images.  If you want to see the whole wedding then head over to my vimeo page where you can find it.

Have a great weekend folks,

Claire 🙂


Wiston House Weddings - Holly and Dorian

Wiston House Weddings


Hello Folks,

It’s been a while since I have blogged, things have been ticking along nicely chez Woodland Hill Photography but there hasn’t been a lot of time for blogging.

So what do you do when the daughter of a very good pal asks you to photograph her wedding; well you are honoured. What happens when that very good pal also happens to be an amazing photographer; well you are honoured and scared 😀

I was chuffed to bits to be the photographer at Holly and Dorian’s wedding at Wiston House but also very aware that the one wedding a photographer would want to photograph would be their daughter’s!! Lisa and Phill run a very successful photography business in Steyning so the pressure was on for old Clairey to make sure I did Holly and Dorian’s wedding justice!!!!

There have been many tears along the way; they started with the initial asking, tears; then being present when Holly chose her dress… tears; which incidentally was at the one and only designer extraordinaire Emma Tindley. Then at Wiston House open evening, tears. At the bodice fitting, stress because I helped Emma who had broken her thumb then, yup you guessed it, tears. The hemline, tears and the final fitting; yes I am like a broken record, tears!!!

We had great fun at the pre-wedding shoot and it was hilarious because Holly who doesn’t do a great deal of gregarious public kissing had to then practise a bit of ad hoc lip smacking the streets!!!!

The day was just so lovely, everything went perfectly thanks to the brilliant organisational skills of Paul G Smith who is an amazing toastmaster. There were frequent bouts of tears from all concerned during the day so it would have been rude for me not to have joined in 😉

Holly and Dorian are great sailors so you can see from the images Holly and Dorian went for a nautical theme that had echoes in her dress as the skirt represented the waves of the sea. The bridesmaids dresses were in blue and the whole theme had nautical essences, which tied everything together nicely. Even the beautiful wood panelling of Wiston House wouldn’t look out of place on a magnificent ocean liner!! Wiston House is very close to where Holly grew up and it has been her dream to marry there since she was a little girl; she believed that all princesses married at Wiston House and I think she is right because Holly you are a true princess and I know you and Dorian will have a long, happy and healthy life together.

I will go now before I now I start to get all emotional!!!

Claire 🙂


West Sussex Bridal Hair and Makeup - Sunny and Danny Andre

West Sussex Bridal Hair and Makeup

Today I am so pleased to wax lyrical about Asta Perkins who is just an amazing West Sussex bridal hair and makeup artist. You can see Asta’s incredible work featured in many of my shoots and I am over the moon that she is also in charge of some of my 2015 Brides’ wedding hair and make-up too 🙂

Asta has been featured regularly in a magazine called re:, where she is asked to write articles and her latest one was all about bridal make-up. This is often overlooked in the hub bub of arranging a wedding, but having a really good hair and make-up artist is the one thing that really brings everything together. It enhances the dress, the correct application ensures that it is neither too heavy or too light for the photographer; and most of all it has staying power so a bride will look as good at the end of the day as she did at the start. Hair and make-up artists of Asta’s calibre are worth their weight in gold.

I am attaching the article for two reasons, firstly for all you lovely brides to have a read as the advice in there is well worth noting, but also to show off one of my images that Asta particularly wanted to use for the article. Last year Sunny Andre married the love of her life Danny and they truly celebrated the next chapter of their lives together with not one, not two but three weddings! It was a real honour to cover their Hindu ceremony in London and they have some private memories of a wonderful evening. We were chuffed to bits to be invited as guests to their beautiful Cyprus wedding and again it was lovely to capture some private images for them. Sunny has very kindly sanctioned this image to be used publicly to accompany Asta’s article so it is lovely to be able to share it with you all. When I look at this image, it reminds me of the wonderful and fun time we all had, oh and me blubbing as Sunny walked with her Father to marry the man of her dreams; it was a moment I shall never forget.

Asta created the most beautiful look for Sunny for her wedding and as you can see this fitted perfectly with the dress that was designed by our very own Emma Tindley. This was a bespoke piece created just for Sunny to entwine her Indian heritage with Danny’s Greek heritage. It really was a masterpiece and shows that Emma has the ability to create anything. She never fails to impress me! The beautiful headpiece was created by Ivory and Co. and again the whole look makes the eye flow seamlessly from head to toe.

As suppliers we love to work with people who are as committed to their craft as we are and working with these two ladies is nothing but a pleasure; here’s to many more Asta and Emma.


Photographer –
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Dress –
Headpiece –
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Venue –


West Sussex Wedding Photographer - Katie and Tim

West Sussex Wedding Photographer

Hello Folks, long time no blog from this West Sussex Wedding Photographer!!!

I thought we would go back to chatting about weddings today as May is traditionally seen as the start of the wedding season. Last year I was very honoured to be asked by my very good friend Katie to photograph her wedding to Tim. They are such a lovely couple and made for each other.

Katie has to be one of the best wedding planners in the business so no pressure for her own big day then!!!! She wanted to go for something completely different and so the Darling Buds of May was born. As soon as I saw the venue, which was a quaint little Victorian hall in Ardingly, I knew that this wedding would take me back to my favourite stories by H E Bates. Katie, Tim and I all hail from Kent so this theme was really close to our hearts.

The preparations were immense but boy was it worth it. As the day dawned I knew we were in for a scorcher, yes it was a little challenging with the light during the day but we were all rewarded with this amazing golden glow that greeted us as we frolicked in the fields of the South of England showground. That time was as free and easy as H E Bates depicted in his books; every time I look at these images I think we have our very own Mariette and Charlie right here in Sussex.

The day was everything Katie and Tim wanted for their wedding and I was so pleased to be a part of it as was Emma Tindley designer extraordinaire who designed the perfect British made dress you see in the photos. Amanda from La Maision des Petits Gateaux designed the cake and it fitted just perfectly with the theme, she is so clever. I loved that the ‘A’ team were together for this beautiful day. Fiona Hosford the harpist played for Katie in the Church; I always love seeing Fiona, she is talented and such good fun.

I hope these images bring you hope of a warm a sunny summer ahead, for me this day was ‘Perfick’.

Have a brilliant weekend folks,

Claire 🙂

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Buxted park Hotel Wedding Photography - Wenjing and Julian

Buxted Park Hotel Wedding



Good afternoon Folks,

So here we are at another Buxted Park Hotel wedding with Wenjing and Julian; it was a scorcher of day so I hope this wedding brings some more cheer to you all on this very cold day!!

Wenjing and Julian live in the Netherlands so they did an amazing job arranging a long distance wedding. There were several trips back and forth to the UK and each trip had to be of maximum use to get everything done and wow I think they did an amazing job.

This was a Buxted Park Hotel wedding in total so everything started and finished here; we were greeted by Marc who was as wonderful as ever and he never fails to make me laugh. Julian was doing his best to remain cool on this very hot day so after a quick hello we went to Wenjing to capture her bridal preparations. All was calm and serene and I must say on a hot day the Buxted Park Hotel suites were very cool, what a lovely place to prepare for marriage.

We then joined the boys to capture some shots before going back to Wenjing and the gang to be with them on Wenjing’s last walk as a single woman. The ceremony took place outside and again Buxted Park have really thought out their outside wedding facilities. The area they have licensed for marriages is on a shady side of the house and under cover, so even though it was a hot day it was just so pleasant and the light was wonderful…well done Buxted Park!!!

All the guests enjoyed a smashing drinkies and canapés session in the afternoon sun, whilst we popped off for a wander for some relaxed Bride and Groom portraiture. After a very fun group shots session that felt a bit like Eurovision it was time for some proper relaxation during the wedding breakfast. So back to Eurovision; well Wenjing and Julian are well travelled so they had friends from many different countries and their group shots reflected that. We started up a competition to see who could do the silliest thing, it was so much fun and it was Copenhagen who stole the day. I do love to have fun during the group shots and most people see them as boring…..not for me, it’s a time for silliness, pranks and lots of laughter!!!

We had another wander in the warmth of the evening sun before Wenjing and Julian changed to be ready for their evening celebrations.

The wonderful cake you see here is by La Maision des Petits Gateaux and all the beautiful floristy was by Zara Flora.

What a wonderful day with a brilliant crowd who were so much fun; thank you 🙂

There are all sorts of things going on behind the scenes at the moment; it’s all very exciting and I am staying out of trouble…..just 😉

Claire 😀


Buxted Park Hotel East Sussex Wedding Venue - Becky and Nic

Good Morning Folks,

I loved being a photographer at Buxted Park Hotel for the wedding of  Becky and Nic’s Buxted Park Hotel East Sussex wedding venue and what ia pleasure it is to visit time and time again.

Becky and Nic had their wedding ceremony in Buxted Park Hotel’s very fine orangery and it really did look lovely. The boys from Pollen really did pull out all the stops with an amazing array of red roses that took my breath away.

We had great fun in the morning during Becky’s bridal preparations who I might add was very chilled throughout. It was all hands on deck to get the younger bridesmaids’ hair done with Elaine and I mucking in…but I must say Nicky Clarke I am not!!!

We then popped down to photograph the boys ahead of the service. No Buxted Park wedding is complete without the amazing Marc who is such fun and a real asset to this lovely hotel. The wedding service had lots of giggles, which I love and then it was champers and canapés time. Once the photography was completed the gang piled into the ballroom for their sumptuous meal, but not before a few cheeky shots of the ‘dirty martini’ girls!

Ahh now I shall leave you today with a very memorable best man’s speech in the form of a court case and he was the judge, absolutely hilarious and so well thought out. This speech was so entertaining and had me in fits of laugher. Becky had the last work; guilty or not guilty; now what do you think she said…

The blog image layout is slowly improving as I get to grips with things; I am liking it, what do you think.

This weekend is another lovely wedding and gazing at my amazing new website!!!!!

Claire 🙂


West Sussex Wedding Photography at Worth Abbey Worth - Red and Théo

Good Morning Folks,

Hoorah a wedding photography post from a beautiful wedding at Worth Abbey, Worth, West Sussex featuring today’s gorgeous couple Red and Théo.

The rain was relentless on their day but Red saw this a nature giving her day rain to wash away the old ready for their new lives together, and these wise words came from her mother in law. I love that everything in life has a positive and did it hamper the fun, oh no; we may have slipped and slided (not a proper work but the only descriptive that seemed to fit) a bit and I think I commando rolled (unintentionally) over a hay bale, followed by my able assistant but we did it with aplomb 😀

The day started at Red’s parents’ house and there was excitement abound during the preparations; we then made our way to Worth Abbey, which is just breathtaking, to photograph the boys. I knew the service was going to be something special as Red’s bother was in charge of the choir that had travelled all the way from Oxford to sing, and wow when the music started shivers went down my spine and I found it really emotional. For me it was like hearing the Kings College choir and I had to pinch myself to make sure I was there, what an honour. Writing this brings it all back and makes me quite teary!

We then headed back to the house to enjoy the reception. I think the rain did impact on one part of the day and that was the garden that Rachel, Red’s mother had been perfecting for months ahead of the big day. All was not lost though as I was able to pop over to photograph it before the marquees were erected. When I was editing the images I could not believe that it rained as much as it did because the day was full of love, happiness, joy, positivity and the determination to enjoy every last bit.

So let’s have a chat about today’s images; I love this mother and daughter moment, I think once the dressing starts it all becomes real and that mix of nerves and excitement really kicks in. A little glance to each other of reassurance is always just lovely to capture during the service, and this service was just magical. For me this shot makes me a little teary yet again. Rachel giving Red communion wine to her daughter for her very first holy communion as a married woman; wow to witness and capture this makes my job such a joy. Oh yes, it rained, then rained and rained some more and yes we managed to get outside. As I am a positive type of ‘gal’ just look at the richness in the depth and colour.

Today is my bits and bobs day; we all have those little jobs that build up so today is the day to get them all done. Oh and an update on the new washing machine, love it; it’s quiet and steams stuff, oh happy days!

I won’t make any promises on what is coming up next because I keep changing my mind!!!

Have a great week folks,

Claire 🙂