Good Morning Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Heather and Roy at the beautiful South Lodge Hotel in Lower Beeding, West Sussex.

The day started at Heather’s Mum and Dad’s house; she was so calm and the atmosphere was very tranquil. Clare from The Family Film Company, Julie and I then headed off to the church to capture the boys before the ceremony and to await the arrival of Heather and Reg. The service had some traditions that form part of wedding ceremonies in the Phillipines, which were interesting to watch and very symbolic too.

We all had a great time at South Lodge and nothing was too much trouble for the staff, the service was truly 5 star just like the hotel. Later in the day we popped into one of the bridal suites and all I can say is wow and double wow; this space was magnificent. There was a lounge, bedroom, dining area and an exquisite bathroom. The bed had a pop up TV and there was much hilarity as to who was going to press the button! To be honest we were all a bit scared because at that point we didn’t know that the button was for a TV; what a bunch of wusses, so Roy stepped up, pressed said button and hey presto a TV came out the end of the bed; love it!

Today I am posting four images, the first is of Heather in the suite, the second is of Heather and Roy’s first dance and this really demonstrates this beautiful venue; I have kept a lot of the ambient light to really show off those lovely chandeliers. The third image is of Roy before the marriage and I love this as he looks to incredibly relaxed, and last but not least a bit of fun in the photo booth, goodness only knows what they were up to in there!!!

I am still editing away here and then I will be getting prepared for this week’s weddings. It is Bank Holiday so whatever you are up to have fun 🙂



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