Thank you very much, these will be treasured memories and a constant reminder of the lovely day for a very long time to come. ~ H e-mail


Before you come along to be photographed we have a planning consultation where you will be taken on a journey to customise your photography experience that reflects you and your personality.

Your unique experience will capture the essence of you and the people you love the most – We then have a Design Consultation full of excitement where you will see a beautiful presentation of your photographs.  I will then assist you in the design and customisation of your wall art that will bring life to your home.


I love to photograph families and children. These experiences are always fun and something lovely to remember.

A Portrait Session Fee is £95


I love to photograph dogs. These experiences are always fun, unpredictable and everything in between and I wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes for the best photographs and something lovely to remember.

A Portrait Session Fee is £65


Gorgeous newborn experiences do take a bit longer and this is the reason I will only photograph one in a day. It means that you are not rushed and we can get some beautiful newborn memories for you. This experience is so tranquil and a time for you to reflect and just take a little breather with your new little family.

A Newborn Session Fee is £150

A fun filled First Birthday portrait for your baby.  We start with a cute outfit, then it’s time to smash that cake and have some messy fun.  Then we finish with a splishy, splashy bath.

A Cake Smash Session Fee is £85

Empowering Photography Experiences For Women In Their 40, 50, 60’s And Beyond – Are you ready for a transformation?

A 40 Over 40 Session Fee is £65


As a wedding photographer I am also in my element when on location, so if you like to get out and about then let’s have some fun!

A Location Session Fee is £130


I have some lovely heirloom products for you to choose from and these start at 79 for a hand finished mounted print. There are gorgeous Legacy Print Boxes that start from 450 and Wall Art starts at 500.  You’re going to love everything and that’s why most of my clients spend around 1000. ❤️