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Good Morning Folks,

Here we are back doing pre-wedding photography at the ever beautiful wedding venue that is South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex on a glorious late summer's eve. Say hello to Amanda and Damien who will be getting married here soon.

We did have a laugh; Damien is such a joker and is always mucking about, I tried to be stern but just fell about laughing, he is a minx and I think I have met my match for minxish behaviour ;) I wanted to find some different spots to use on their wedding day as I do love to keep finding new nooks and crannies no matter how much I have photographed at a wedding venue. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and some will as always be dependent on the weather once the big day is here. Poor Amanda had no option to keep rolling her eyes as the shoot progressed with the two minxes being a bit silly; but we all know she loves it really folks!

So here are today's images; when a nice bit of evening light like this comes along it seems a shame not to make the most of it, so here we have a romantic moment (yes you two you are romantic despite what you say) in the golden warmth of the evening sun. A little walk to explore the grounds at South Lodge is always a must and just loving this image in black and white. It was so lovely to see the deckchairs out, and a sneaky pic capturing a sneaky kiss was definitely required here! I think you all know I love those lamps at South Lodge so here is a favourite location of mine but with a different pose :)

Have a fab weekend folks; it looks like we may be having some warmer weather so make the most of it while you can. The fruit and veg fests are coming to an end, which was a little sad until apple and pear fest arrived, aren't we lucky to have the seasons and with the arrival of each one it brings a new it!

Claire :)

Wedding Photographer at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Rachael and Ian

wedding-photographer-west-sussex-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding wedding-photographer-west-sussex-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding2wedding-photographer-west-sussex-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding3 wedding-photographer-west-sussex-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding5
Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the West Sussex wedding photography at South Lodge of Rachael and Ian and as you can see from the images it was another gloriously sunny day at this magnificent venue. Rachael and Ian's day started at St Mary's Church in Horsham; I always love photographing here, not only is the Vicar and his team really friendly but it is a very pretty church with lovely stained glass windows. It was then off to South Lodge where we were greeted by Paul G Smith, Toastmaster extraordinaire. As usual the service was impeccable and lots of fun was had by all.

So on to today's images; I have mentioned the stained glass window so it would be churlish not to show it!!! It really does look wonderful in this building and it is always a poignant moment when prayers take place at the alter. Image two is of Rachael's bridesmaid and I love it when these little gems appear, everything was perfect; the light the frame of the wooden pew and Kate deep in thought. We had lots of fun during the bride and groom portraiture and I think Rachael and Ian enjoyed a few moments together to reflect on their day. Last but not least today features their little cutie Dominic, he was just adorable and such a good little boy. Here they all are in the evening looking forward to their future as a family.

It has been a while since I last posted, so apologies for that. August was an incredibly busy month for weddings all of which were full of fun and memories. I managed to grab a few days off last week to spend some time with my family, it was great to be able to chat and catch up. We had loads of fun and I can officially announce it takes 8 Hills to make a pizza....don't ask :D :D :D

Claire :)

South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Debbie and Matt

Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex3Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex4 Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex2


Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the really fun West Sussex Wedding Photography at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding West Sussex of Debbie and Matt. The day started at South Lodge and then it was off to St Mark's Church in Horsham West Sussex to photograph the boys ahead of the wedding service. Debbie arrived and after a chat with their brilliant Vicar Rev Dr Richard Coldicott who was so much fun, it was time for Debbie to meet her Groom and get married. We again had another fabulous speech from the Vicar and this one involved Toblerone; the mahoosive bar that was used for demonstration purposes was distributed after the service, and another equally mahoosive bar was given to Debbie and Matt; now that's my kind of wedding service. I can honestly say it is a first to have Toblerone given as exit gifts at a wedding but I wholeheartedly approve ;)

We then made our way back to South Lodge where the fabulous toastmaster Paul G Smith was waiting to greet us, the weather then decided to do its usual thing and rain buckets. Later in the day there was a break in the rain, the clouds went and things were improving so the intrepid gang jumped in the buggy and headed for the lake. Frank from Enchant Films and I decided to rummage in the bluebell woods for some interesting angles; I was in front and I successfully managed to steer clear of the badger holes but I got a little cocky and whoosh one whole leg went in and down I went! The cameras were the most important thing and they were kept safe so I then had to get said leg out, which was up to the thigh, that done there was no way I was missing this shot now. The next thing more shrieks from Debbie, Matt and my assistant as Frank went up to the thigh in one I had managed to navigate round; I think Debbie and Matt thought they were about to lose their whole media team in one swoop! Oh no, the intrepid duo got up and carried on and we both got the shot and footage....oh yessss!

So for today's images; the views at South Lodge are just stunning and we were blessed with some early evening sun that just made this shot. Ah yes the bluebells, well having told the story I had to show you the shot didn't I! Frank also has a show reel on his Enchant Films vimeo page the link will take you there so you can see for yourself :) So having survived badger holes we thought we were home and dry, not so; in the blink of an eye the weather turned and from nowhere (well Matt saw something dodgy in the distance) it absolutely lashed down and this is the shot we managed to grab. When we got back to the venue I was soaked with bluebell and grass stains, with a face that looked like something from Kiss, my assistant looked like she had taken a shower fully clothed with poor Frank who looked like me minus the Kiss look (he doesn't wear mascara!), Matt looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water down his back. Then there was Debbie, bone dry, beautiful, radiant without a spec on her; the staff at the hotel look at the bedraggled bunch, then looked at Debbie and said "did you go with them?" Ah yes we go the extra mile to make sure that our Brides remain absolutley perfect :) My last image of the day is a detail shot of the dress; I just love the way it looks on the hangar with those fabulous Jenny Packham shoes!

What a fun and eventful day and one of the reasons I love photographing weddings, each one is special and different just like my clients.



Wedding Photography at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Emma and Andy

Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Emma and Andy at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex. Their wedding day was gorgeous and featured some wonderful West Sussex Wedding suppliers too.

The whole event took place at the hotel and as usual the service from the team on the day was exceptional. Emma looked absolutely amazing in an Emma Tindley Couture silk gown; it is no secret that I think Emma's dresses are brilliant and as her official photographer I photograph them often but it was lovely to have one at a real wedding. It moved beautifully as I knew it would and was a joy to see. Designer Emma is also an accomplished florist having trained under the best, Jane Packer and she also did bride Emma's flowers on the day. How great is that as she was able to tailor the flowers to match the dress perfectly. Alsion J Smith from Bridal Beauty did Emma's hair and make-up along with the girls hair. Again I know Alsion's work well and she is designer Emma's resident hair and make-up expert; her work is always beautiful and today was no exception. Last but not least we have the beautiful cakes from La Maision des Petits Gateaux; I have also produced the imagery for Amanda's website so it was again a joy to see her creations at a real wedding. I was allowed to take a cakey home and it tasted divine. Obviously I have to ensure that the cake is up to standard against many of Amanda's cakes I have eaten and I am pleased to say folks it did. It really is a tough job but someone has to get out there and do it ;). There is an image showcasing some of the cakes from the day on my facebook page if you want to pop along and have a look.

So let's get back to Emma and Andy! The day was fun, silly, happy, emotional and just lovely. We had so much fun on the pre-wedding shoot I just knew I would be laughing all day. We had some funny moments at the lake when the buggy got stuck in the mud, we all had to off load apart from Emma and I really thought that it would be a case of us all pushing but luckily enough our lovely driver backed up and got some momentum going, Andy was last seen chasing the buggy with his wife in it! Emma thinks it was pay back for laughing at me being a 'wuss' at the pre-wedding shoot :)

So now to today's images. I just love this image of Emma with the bridesmaids and the little girl in the front is their beautiful daughter Amber, who trumps me for asking questions; she is just adorable. Image two is Andy with their son Oscar, he was so funny in one of the shots when he managed to replicate what I thought was an unattainable pose, well I now know it is possible...just! Image three is of Emma having a quiet moment in her room just before the marriage, we all think she looks like Bridget Bardot. Last but not least, the lake before the buggy shenanigans; the light here was lovely and I loved the way it glistened on the water.

We decided not to have a normal cake shot, ours was definitely the carry on version so I think you can probably imagine that the day contained mostly sniggering with double entendres!!!

Have a great week folks and looking forward to catching up with you all later.

Claire :)

South Lodge Wedding Photography, Lower Beeding, West Sussex - Heather and Roy; West Sussex Wedding Photographers




Good Morning Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Heather and Roy at the beautiful South Lodge Hotel in Lower Beeding, West Sussex.

The day started at Heather's Mum and Dad's house; she was so calm and the atmosphere was very tranquil. Clare from The Family Film Company, Julie and I then headed off to the church to capture the boys before the ceremony and to await the arrival of Heather and Reg. The service had some traditions that form part of wedding ceremonies in the Phillipines, which were interesting to watch and very symbolic too.

We all had a great time at South Lodge and nothing was too much trouble for the staff, the service was truly 5 star just like the hotel. Later in the day we popped into one of the bridal suites and all I can say is wow and double wow; this space was magnificent. There was a lounge, bedroom, dining area and an exquisite bathroom. The bed had a pop up TV and there was much hilarity as to who was going to press the button! To be honest we were all a bit scared because at that point we didn't know that the button was for a TV; what a bunch of wusses, so Roy stepped up, pressed said button and hey presto a TV came out the end of the bed; love it!

Today I am posting four images, the first is of Heather in the suite, the second is of Heather and Roy's first dance and this really demonstrates this beautiful venue; I have kept a lot of the ambient light to really show off those lovely chandeliers. The third image is of Roy before the marriage and I love this as he looks to incredibly relaxed, and last but not least a bit of fun in the photo booth, goodness only knows what they were up to in there!!!

I am still editing away here and then I will be getting prepared for this week's weddings. It is Bank Holiday so whatever you are up to have fun :)


South Lodge Wedding Fayre: Emma Tindley Couture

Good afternoon everyone,

Well wasn't that an eventful weekend weather wise!! It did not stop me from having a very productive day in the studio, followed by an amazing event in the evening with, I might add, a fabulous room set by Reveries; that is a another blog post for another day! Then to finish it all off a wedding fayre at South Lodge. Despite the horrendous weather conditions we made it to the venue and were ready, albeit a little late, to chat to the equally marvellous couples about their day.

It was great to catch up with all the other lovely suppliers too. I have posted another Emma Tindley new collection dress that was on display yesterday and we both think this screams red carpet. It is a gorgeous silk crepe dress with beautiful embellishments and and very attractive backless feature.

Emma is our very own East Grinstead treasure. She is a very talented designer and has chosen to keep her boutique in East Grinstead; her dresses are designed and made in the boutique. If you have a consultation you will have a dedicated appointment with Emma herself and be able to try on one of the many sample gowns that make up her collections. Once you have chosen your dream dress, it is then made for you by Emma, so none of this buying a ready made garment and then having umpteen adjustments to make it fit. Emma's dress will fit you like a glove as it is made for you from scratch. Prices range from £1,000.00 to £2,500.00 for pure silk gowns.

Well it is a week of editing for me along with all the usual things that go with running a business. Have a lovely week and enjoy the snowy landscape before it all melts.


South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex Wedding Venue


South Lodge is a 5 star hotel for a 5 star wedding in Lower Beeding West Sussex. Your wedding will be exclusive to you and the reception rooms are sumptuous yet welcoming. There are acres and acres of well maintained grounds with the most goregous colours to really enhance your day. Every wedding at South Lodge will have a Toastmaster who is there to ensure your day runs to perfection and the event team who look after you on the day are just amazing. It does not end there as your day comes to and end the suite that you stay in on your wedding night is quite something else.