Good Evening Everyone,

I recently had a fun time with Shelley and Matthew at their pre-wedding shoot at the Felbridge Hotel and Spa, East Grinstead, West Sussex.. They had just finished a particularly fabulous menu tasting at the hotel and their choices sounded yummy and made me feel a little peckish!

We explored the hotel and I went to my usual spots and also found some new ones too. We also have a new shot planned along with some drama, I get all excited when we start planning the shots and I cannot wait until the big day when we can put everything into action 🙂

I have posted four images this week, the first one in the garden of the hotel; Matthew was being a little over vigorous, I think he had a Strictly Come Dancing moment! The second is just a lovely shot of the two of them enjoying each others company, I love the gates and fence in this shot and the clouds were all puffy and dramatic, little did I know what was to come! I am calling this last shot stolen kiss and its inspiration was taken from the film Grease.

As we left the hotel the spits and spots of rain started and by the time I got home, which is so local you would not believe, the monsoon was here; how lucky were we. I think Shelley and I have managed to convince Matthew that he is photogenic and Shelley is a natural in front of the camera; we are going to have great fun creating the drama on the day…super stuff.

This week sees the start of the album designing and completing all my outstanding orders, next up on the blog Slaugham Place, so tune in later in the week folks.



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