Newborn and Children Photography Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead - Frankie and Calley

Good Morning to everyone in the world of blogs :)

Recently I photographed a newborn session with the gorgeous Frankie; he was one chilled out little man.  The atmosphere during these sessions is one of peace and calm and everything is done slowly, quietly and deliberately so that the lovely newborn never senses any urgency or strain.  You will be surprised at how much the little ones can pick up and I always come away feeling very tranquil!

I then photographed the gorgeous Calley; she was so patient during Frankie's session; I absolutely adore the hat she was wearing when I met her so it was a must for her photography.

Today I am posting three images; the first if of Frankie really chillin' and I just love how malleable babies are at this stage, Frankie was only one week old.  The second is a close up of his gorgeousness and last but by no means least is the beautiful Calley.  She has the most amazing eyes and to die for curls.

I had a wonderfully wet wedding on Saturday, it is not worth moaning about the weather anymore I think we should embrace the rain and have fun; and fun we had too,

Today sees the Olympic torch coming to East Grinstead so I am hoping to pop out later to see if  I can capture anything.  If I am successful I will pop a post on here.

Enjoy your week folks and I will blog some images of Andy and Adele later in the week.


Mark, Elaine and Page: East Grinstead West Sussex Portrait Photography

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Good Evening All,

I am posting a little late tonight some imagery that I took just before Christmas of a gorgeous trio. It is extra special as Paige has had to travel back to South Africa so she will always have memories of this Christmas! The last time she visited we were covered in a blanket of snow.

I have chosen three images to post and I think that Mark looks particularly dashing using split light, and we were all blown away when we saw the image on the back of the camera! The girls looked effortlessly gorgeous. I had the great privilege of photographing Elaine and Mark's wedding a couple of years ago and they are wonderful people, so it was really lovely to have them in the studio so I could prove to Elaine once more that she is beautiful.

I have just returned home from a brilliant couple of days at the SWPP convention. The week started with a Yerbury training day in Mayfair. Trevor and Faye Yerbury are true masters of their art and I have been looking forward to this for some time; it did not disappoint and learning from them was a wonderful and gentle experience. I was print handling on Thursday and catching up with suppliers and friends over the weekend. Exhilarating but exhausting!

I often think that I sometimes live in the past with regard to my photographic inspiration; to be honest I am pleased that I do as these people are the true greats and their work has truly stood the test of time. I really do not get the time to attend enough exhibitions and the last one I attended of Julia Margaret Cameron's work was sublime; so I really must try to see more of these photographers work close up if I can.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week.


September - Max and Millie

Well Max is now four months old and he has grown into the most bonny little boy. He has a gorgeous smile with dimples in his cheeks, he was delectable!

I have just purchased a Highlite and for those of you who have been following my facebook page will know how much fun we had trying to fold it up!! For this session I used the Highlite in order to create a high key look and this was its first outing. I decided to use high key as I thought this would be most suitable for Max at his current age. Once he is sitting up I plan to use a mid or low key look for one of his sessions. This was also a very important session for another reason, little Millie has now started school and I cannot believe how time flies, when Becs and Colin first booked me for their wedding she was not even two! I have seen an image of her in school uniform; what a grown up girl she is.

As usual I have included a couple of images and click on the link above to see a DVD slideshow.