Newborn and Children Photography Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead - Frankie and Calley

Good Morning to everyone in the world of blogs :)

Recently I photographed a newborn session with the gorgeous Frankie; he was one chilled out little man.  The atmosphere during these sessions is one of peace and calm and everything is done slowly, quietly and deliberately so that the lovely newborn never senses any urgency or strain.  You will be surprised at how much the little ones can pick up and I always come away feeling very tranquil!

I then photographed the gorgeous Calley; she was so patient during Frankie's session; I absolutely adore the hat she was wearing when I met her so it was a must for her photography.

Today I am posting three images; the first if of Frankie really chillin' and I just love how malleable babies are at this stage, Frankie was only one week old.  The second is a close up of his gorgeousness and last but by no means least is the beautiful Calley.  She has the most amazing eyes and to die for curls.

I had a wonderfully wet wedding on Saturday, it is not worth moaning about the weather anymore I think we should embrace the rain and have fun; and fun we had too,

Today sees the Olympic torch coming to East Grinstead so I am hoping to pop out later to see if  I can capture anything.  If I am successful I will pop a post on here.

Enjoy your week folks and I will blog some images of Andy and Adele later in the week.


May and Jess: East Sussex Location Photography

Good Afternoon Folks,

I am enjoying my secret project immensely and it is really starting to take shape now.  The project has taken many twists and turns since I first started, so much so that I had May and Jess back to re-visit their image.  As always the girls were consummate professionals and this helped to capture the image that I needed.  It was then for some fun and to see if they could beat the waves!  All I can say is there were some squelchy shoes on the walk home!!!  As the project remains under wraps, I thought I would post one of the images taken after the session; as you can see the girls are having great fun despite the weather.

Had a lovely session in the studio this morning and I am really looking forward to photographing their wedding next year.  There is lots to look forward to in the interim as a new bundle of joy is due in July and I cannot wait to see 'bubs' once he/she has made an appeareance.



Grace: West Sussex Children's Photographer




Good Morning Folks,

Recently I photographed Grace's 3rd birthday party, and what a lucky little girl she is to have a lovely Mummy and Daddy to make such special memories for her.

It really was a children's paradise with bouncy castles, ball pools, slides and bouncing thingys (not sure of the correct technical term). Mummy had prepared tons of food for both the children and adults and it all tasted fab... a little too fab I think! Auntie Kirsty made the birthday cake, there is a picture here so this masterpiece will speak for itself.

The DJ played some 'banging tunes' along with a bubble and smoke machine; yes folks this was a 3rd birthday party, I bet you are all jealous now!

I have posted two images of beautiful Grace along with that magnificent cake; yummy.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the warmth. I can see the trees starting to wake up now; you can almost hear them yawning and stretching their branches in readiness to give us a magnificent show of blossom.

Enjoy the rest of the week and look forward to catching up with you again in a few days.




Yas - West Sussex Children's Photography East Grinstead

Good Evening Folks,

I recently had a lovely session photographing the beautiful Yas. We started the session with high key as Yas needed some headshots then it was what I like doing best; creating a mood. I have photographed Yas a number of times now and she is just adorable, she has the sweetest disposition and to work with her is always a pleasure. She has also participated in my secret project that took us to a lovely location too.

I have chosen three images all from the 'moody' session; one in colour and two in varying black and whites. These images have had very little post production and all the work was done in the studio and camera, so what you see here is just simple, pure imagery. I am going to get some printed on a new paper that was delivered today that has a very warm tone to it. I produced the .icm profile this morning so I am all ready to go.

I am certainly feeling the cold snap that we are having and I keep telling myself it is good for the garden; not sure my chicken agrees with me though!


Harry and Jack: East Grinstead West Sussex Portrait Photography

Good Morning,

I was going to post one of my 'sunny' posts today but it is so lovely outside I am going to save it until we have a dreary day!

This is one of my Christmas sessions with Harry and Jack; they came over with Dad to have some pictures taken as a Christmas surprise for Mum. We had a good session and it was finished off with a tickling session, Jack tickled Dad with gusto and as you can see probably too much gusto! I have posted one image of Harry and Jack and the other one makes me laugh as you can just see Jack and Dad about to topple out of view.

Enjoy your Tuesday and this extraordinary spring like weather we seem to be experiencing at the moment.


Will, Dan and Isobel: East Grinstead Portrait Photography

Good Morning All,

Happy Saturday and the first full weekend of 2012! Today's imagery was taken just before Christmas of three lovely children Will, Dan and Isobel. We had a great session of some high and mid key photography and the aim was to produce some imagery to give as a surprise gift to their Nan. I was most impressed as we had a sausage roll break half way through, which I might add were homemade. I must say I am thinking of incorporating this into all studio sessions! It was definitely a first for me :)

Julie, Steve and Karen have chosen a beautiful frame for Nan and it will be presented as a surprise birthday gift today. I was so pleased that we were able to get everything done in time as we all knew that it was going to be tight; it has made my weekend though. Many thanks to my suppliers for being fabulous as usual, they pulled out all the stops to ensure that I could pick it up myself yesterday. Julie is going to report back but she said there will be tears for sure....I love my job.

I have chosen three images all from the mid key session; Isobel's image has muted colour tones, Will's is in full colour and Dan's image is full black and white. Look out for a compilation that will be called 'the many faces of Isobel' on my facebook business page. I did my first one of these back in August, 2011 called 'the many faces of Jess' and they do make me laugh.

Whatever you are up to this weekend...enjoy; I am having a weekend off and we will be catching up with some friends this evening.


Jasmine: West Sussex Children's Portrait Photography

Jasmine-West-Sussex-Children's-Portrait-PhotographyGood Morning,

I recently photographed a lovely portrait session as a surprise gift for Jasmine's Grandparents. It was fantastic madness!

I thought I would post this image as it looked like the session was calm and tranquil, if only you could all see what was happening around this image it would have made you a laugh, and I certainly had a great time.

Today and tomorrow I am seeing clients to chat about their weddings next year, so lots more lovely things to discuss.

Have a great weekend and have any of you started your Christmas shopping yet? I confess I have.


Eva: West Sussex Children's Portrait Photography

Good Afternoon Folks,

Hope this blog post finds you all well. I recently photographed the lovely Eva, the story starts when I photographed Eva's Grandfather's wedding, then I photographed Eva's Mummy and Daddy's wedding. Little Eva was just a bump when I first photographed her and a month old when she had her first out of bump studio experience and here stood before me was this beautiful little girl who was just sitting up when she last came to me. Now she is walking and loves to talk to Daddy on the telephone; not quite sure Daddy understands it all. I translated a few of words and it was first, car, Ferrari; now don't say I didn't warn you Dad, you have 16 years to save up!

Beautiful May: Kent Children's Photography

Good Afternoon,

I hope you are enjoying some lovely weather at last; we do seem to have very turbulent Augusts now followed by some beautiful Autumn months so I hope things settle down for a bit.

I recently photographed May as part of a project that will not be unveiled for some time but at the end of the session we had a couple of minutes to capture some images. These shots show just how demure May is and she was so patient during the rest of the shoot I cannot wait to photograph her again.

Have a great weekend; no weddings for me this week but plenty to keep me busy with the studio, lovely new wedding clients and lovely newly married clients so looking forward to lots of great chats!


The Many Faces of Jess! : Kent Location Photography

I had a fantastic shoot yesterday creating some imagery for a project that I am working on. Unfortunately the images will not be posted anywhere publicly for some time and the only person that will get to see them is my Mentor. However, we had some fun at the end of the shoot and I had a few minutes to capture these images of the wonderful, vibrant and funny Jess; and as a collection they just make me laugh, so I thought I would post them here to hopefully bring a little cheer to your day.

Isn't she just brilliant; can't wait for the next shoot Jess.