Well Max is now four months old and he has grown into the most bonny little boy. He has a gorgeous smile with dimples in his cheeks, he was delectable!

I have just purchased a Highlite and for those of you who have been following my facebook page will know how much fun we had trying to fold it up!! For this session I used the Highlite in order to create a high key look and this was its first outing. I decided to use high key as I thought this would be most suitable for Max at his current age. Once he is sitting up I plan to use a mid or low key look for one of his sessions. This was also a very important session for another reason, little Millie has now started school and I cannot believe how time flies, when Becs and Colin first booked me for their wedding she was not even two! I have seen an image of her in school uniform; what a grown up girl she is.

As usual I have included a couple of images and click on the link above to see a DVD slideshow.