South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Debbie and Matt

Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex3Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex4 Wedding-venue-and-wedding-photographers-at-South-Lodge-Hotel-Lower-Beeding-West-Sussex2


Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the really fun West Sussex Wedding Photography at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding West Sussex of Debbie and Matt. The day started at South Lodge and then it was off to St Mark's Church in Horsham West Sussex to photograph the boys ahead of the wedding service. Debbie arrived and after a chat with their brilliant Vicar Rev Dr Richard Coldicott who was so much fun, it was time for Debbie to meet her Groom and get married. We again had another fabulous speech from the Vicar and this one involved Toblerone; the mahoosive bar that was used for demonstration purposes was distributed after the service, and another equally mahoosive bar was given to Debbie and Matt; now that's my kind of wedding service. I can honestly say it is a first to have Toblerone given as exit gifts at a wedding but I wholeheartedly approve ;)

We then made our way back to South Lodge where the fabulous toastmaster Paul G Smith was waiting to greet us, the weather then decided to do its usual thing and rain buckets. Later in the day there was a break in the rain, the clouds went and things were improving so the intrepid gang jumped in the buggy and headed for the lake. Frank from Enchant Films and I decided to rummage in the bluebell woods for some interesting angles; I was in front and I successfully managed to steer clear of the badger holes but I got a little cocky and whoosh one whole leg went in and down I went! The cameras were the most important thing and they were kept safe so I then had to get said leg out, which was up to the thigh, that done there was no way I was missing this shot now. The next thing more shrieks from Debbie, Matt and my assistant as Frank went up to the thigh in one I had managed to navigate round; I think Debbie and Matt thought they were about to lose their whole media team in one swoop! Oh no, the intrepid duo got up and carried on and we both got the shot and footage....oh yessss!

So for today's images; the views at South Lodge are just stunning and we were blessed with some early evening sun that just made this shot. Ah yes the bluebells, well having told the story I had to show you the shot didn't I! Frank also has a show reel on his Enchant Films vimeo page the link will take you there so you can see for yourself :) So having survived badger holes we thought we were home and dry, not so; in the blink of an eye the weather turned and from nowhere (well Matt saw something dodgy in the distance) it absolutely lashed down and this is the shot we managed to grab. When we got back to the venue I was soaked with bluebell and grass stains, with a face that looked like something from Kiss, my assistant looked like she had taken a shower fully clothed with poor Frank who looked like me minus the Kiss look (he doesn't wear mascara!), Matt looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water down his back. Then there was Debbie, bone dry, beautiful, radiant without a spec on her; the staff at the hotel look at the bedraggled bunch, then looked at Debbie and said "did you go with them?" Ah yes we go the extra mile to make sure that our Brides remain absolutley perfect :) My last image of the day is a detail shot of the dress; I just love the way it looks on the hangar with those fabulous Jenny Packham shoes!

What a fun and eventful day and one of the reasons I love photographing weddings, each one is special and different just like my clients.



Pregnancy Photographers in East Grinstead West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Twenty Two



I missed a week...whoops! I have chosen this pregnancy portrait this week because it is amazing to think there is a new little life in that perfectly formed bump and once your gorgeous newborn arrives how on earth to wonder how on earth did they fit in there! Lots of pregnant Mums shy away from having their bump photographed and I know it is not for everyone, but the ones I have photographed are always so pleased they have the images to look back on because once little 'bubs' is born they all say they forget so quickly what it was like to be pregnant and looking back at these images reminds them. When photographing bumps one has to be so careful with the light, I like to show how beautiful, curvaceous and perfectly formed they are; the wrong lighting will make them look flat and not as beautiful, resulting in the perception that most have of their bump, which is just not true.

So for all you pregnant Mums out there, this image is for you to remind you of the amazing job you are doing in nurturing this little life but managing to look absolutely gorgeous at the same time :)


Lovely words from Emma and Andy who were married at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex

hank you Emm and Andy for your lovely words; we did have fun didn't we :)


Here are some more lovely words from Emma and Andy that can be found on my facebook page.

Claire your pictures are amazing, I can't stop looking at them, I am amazed how much you captured ... your pictures really do tell a story ... a day I will now be able to remember forever! Thank you so much, both you and your glamorous assistant Lorraine were amazing and we loved having you both at the Wedding, you were great fun to be with and we did have some hilarious moments! I honestly can't recommend you highly enough, a Wedding would not be a Wedding with out you there in my opinion, you are just brilliant, warm, kind, funny and take a really great snap! So thank you so much!

Lovely words from Ellen's parents; Ellen and Andrew were married at St Leonard's Church South Stoke then the Norfolk Arms Arundel West Sussex

It was so lovely to receive this letter from Ellen's parents and it was a joy to see Ellen and Andrew yesterday for their viewing :)


madeline isaac-james at the White Gallery

Hello again Folks,

I like to mooch and on one of my moochings I came across madeline isaac-james who is very well known to our very own Emma Tindley so I popped in to capture a few shots of their stand. I just loved the black and white theme with the very art deco accessories, which really fitted in nicely with the Gatsby theme that was the show's inspiration this year. After a few hilarious test shots, which I promised not to publish anywhere (they managed to get a photograph of me for insurance!) I photographed the very beautiful Felicity in a small selection of gowns from their 2014 collection. They really do have some wonderful gowns it must have been hard to pick out a few to photograph and the detailing was just exquisite.

Here is a short slideshow and again I have used Gatsby'esque inspired music to showcase their stand and gowns; so that's it for blogging today folks!

Claire :)

Emma Tindley at the White Gallery London

Good Morning Folks,

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of days as I have been with Emma Tindley at the launch of her 2014 collection at the White Gallery London. I joined the team on Monday and Tuesday and it was great to catch up with Jill and Pips our model. The venue was fabulous and Emma's area looked amazing; the aromas that were wafting in our white gallery boutique were sublime; anyone who wandered by couldn't resist popping in for a sniff! Only the finest in bridal design are able to exhibit at this prestigious event and it was great to be amongst so much talent with some very famous names in the industry.

I was taking some shots during the event and we all loved chatting to the magazines and potential new stockists, so much so I think Emma may have been losing her voice as we headed home yesterday; anyway here is a short slideshow to show you what it was all about and the music I have used is a homage to the Gastby'esque trend that was a major part of the show.

It is now that the planning for the official 2014 collection shoot starts in earnest; what do we have up our sleeves I wonder ;)

Claire :)


East Grinstead Portrait Photographers - Image of the Week

Week Twenty


Well something a little different this week and what prompted me to choose this image? This is the very beautiful Georgie and I have often photographed both Georgie and her twin sister Harriet; they have always been great volunteering to model when I am experimenting with a particular style. Last week Georgie and Harry had their school prom and to see them looking so grown up and even more beautiful that usual made me cry; I had already cried my eyes out when I saw Katie looking equally as beautiful so all in all a bit of an emotional day! This was from one of those experimental shoots and I like it, so in tribute to Georgie, Harry and Katie who are busy taking exams and looking forward to a summer of freedom before the next exciting stage of their lives, this is for you :) xx

Weddings at the Thistle Hotel Brighton East Sussex - Karen and Callan

weddings-in-brighton-east-sussex weddings-in-brighton-east-sussex2 weddings-in-brighton-east-sussex3 weddings-in-brighton-east-sussex4


Good Morning Folks,

I was recently with Karen and Callan for their pre wedding photography shoot in Brighton East Sussex. The skies were azure blue and the sun was shining but do not be fooled by this, it was cold and the wind was so strong it almost blew me over! I had the most interesting hair style at the end of the shoot, sort of birds nest meets sticking my finger a in a plug socket look. It was different but not one I would rush to repeat; brushing was interesting when I got home!!!

The scene was very dramatic with the wind, crashing waves and seagulls out of control but this added to the fun we had. It was great to meet up with Karen and Callan just to chat about their plans, have a good look around the venue and put some ideas in place for the big day.

I seem to have gone on a black and white fest today but hey let's go with it. I do love the benches and Victorian railings here, it is that quirky mix of times gone by but for some reason it reminds me of the fifties more. I think this is because of a particular image I just love that was taken by Bert Hardy, so whenever I am here I think of that. The direction of light has created a semi-silhouette effect and really softens the image creating quite a times gone by feel and this is further enhanced by the black and white used. Ummm image two...shared bodily warmth?! I just love image three, it has movement, fun, animation and drama added by the waves, wind and overall scene; just looking at it makes me smile; I like images that make me smile :) and they are off in image four again the vibrancy of the colours and direction of light makes for a very dynamic image here.

All the images were taken on the Olympus OMD and I use these little babies on every pre-wedding shoot now. My faithul friends the Nikons are really enjoying having some time off ; it's all since they joined a union!!!

Image of the week will be later so looking forward to catching up with you all then.

Claire :)

Weddings at The Ravenswood Sharpethorne West Sussex - Faye and Alex





Good Morning Folks,

It was good to be back at The Ravenswood, Sharpethorne, West Sussex for the pre wedding photography shoot of Alex and Faye. It was a lovely evening and we were extremely lucky with the weather; when I got home I walked through the door and it started raining how lucky was that!

We had a great walk through the grounds and as we were doing so Alex thought he would be clever, yes folks clever and say to Brooke, "Oh look Brooke there's a snake over there", well he didn't bank on the reaction. No not Brooke; me! I started to make a dash back to the house then froze and said "where, where". Alex was laughing, Brooke was still looking for said snake and Faye was shaking her head saying she has three children instead of two. That Alex is a little minx, it took me a good few minutes to be convinced there was not a snake in sight. I should know better by know because he is always mucking about in the studio; all I can say is pay back time Mr H, pay back time ;) :) It was a lovely shoot and I secretly like the minxish bevavoir of Alex and it always makes for lots of laughs. The grounds of The Ravenswood are amazing and it was lovely to be back there again. So here we go, today's images.

This is just a natural shot of a lovely family having a stroll together and this showcases some of the beautiful scenery that can be found at The Ravenswood. Again being a bit silly whilst taking photographs, I like being silly, I don't know if you have gathered that! I love this image of Brooke; there was a beautiful pool of light and I had to make the most of it. Last but not least a relaxed shot of the family and little Summer has the cutest little face here :)

I hope you had a great weekend folks, I enjoyed my wedding and there were fun and frollicks that will be recounted when I blog; I am still laughing now.