Good Morning Folks,

It was good to be back at The Ravenswood, Sharpethorne, West Sussex for the pre wedding photography shoot of Alex and Faye. It was a lovely evening and we were extremely lucky with the weather; when I got home I walked through the door and it started raining how lucky was that!

We had a great walk through the grounds and as we were doing so Alex thought he would be clever, yes folks clever and say to Brooke, “Oh look Brooke there’s a snake over there”, well he didn’t bank on the reaction. No not Brooke; me! I started to make a dash back to the house then froze and said “where, where”. Alex was laughing, Brooke was still looking for said snake and Faye was shaking her head saying she has three children instead of two. That Alex is a little minx, it took me a good few minutes to be convinced there was not a snake in sight. I should know better by know because he is always mucking about in the studio; all I can say is pay back time Mr H, pay back time 😉 🙂 It was a lovely shoot and I secretly like the minxish bevavoir of Alex and it always makes for lots of laughs. The grounds of The Ravenswood are amazing and it was lovely to be back there again. So here we go, today’s images.

This is just a natural shot of a lovely family having a stroll together and this showcases some of the beautiful scenery that can be found at The Ravenswood. Again being a bit silly whilst taking photographs, I like being silly, I don’t know if you have gathered that! I love this image of Brooke; there was a beautiful pool of light and I had to make the most of it. Last but not least a relaxed shot of the family and little Summer has the cutest little face here 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend folks, I enjoyed my wedding and there were fun and frollicks that will be recounted when I blog; I am still laughing now.