Week Twenty Two

I missed a week…whoops! I have chosen this pregnancy portrait this week because it is amazing to think there is a new little life in that perfectly formed bump and once your gorgeous newborn arrives how on earth to wonder how on earth did they fit in there! Lots of pregnant Mums shy away from having their bump photographed and I know it is not for everyone, but the ones I have photographed are always so pleased they have the images to look back on because once little ‘bubs’ is born they all say they forget so quickly what it was like to be pregnant and looking back at these images reminds them. When photographing bumps one has to be so careful with the light, I like to show how beautiful, curvaceous and perfectly formed they are; the wrong lighting will make them look flat and not as beautiful, resulting in the perception that most have of their bump, which is just not true.

So for all you pregnant Mums out there, this image is for you to remind you of the amazing job you are doing in nurturing this little life but managing to look absolutely gorgeous at the same time 🙂