Hello again Folks,

I like to mooch and on one of my moochings I came across madeline isaac-james who is very well known to our very own Emma Tindley so I popped in to capture a few shots of their stand. I just loved the black and white theme with the very art deco accessories, which really fitted in nicely with the Gatsby theme that was the show’s inspiration this year. After a few hilarious test shots, which I promised not to publish anywhere (they managed to get a photograph of me for insurance!) I photographed the very beautiful Felicity in a small selection of gowns from their 2014 collection. They really do have some wonderful gowns it must have been hard to pick out a few to photograph and the detailing was just exquisite.

Here is a short slideshow and again I have used Gatsby’esque inspired music to showcase their stand and gowns; so that’s it for blogging today folks!

Claire 🙂