Good Morning Folks,

I was recently with Karen and Callan for their pre wedding photography shoot in Brighton East Sussex. The skies were azure blue and the sun was shining but do not be fooled by this, it was cold and the wind was so strong it almost blew me over! I had the most interesting hair style at the end of the shoot, sort of birds nest meets sticking my finger a in a plug socket look. It was different but not one I would rush to repeat; brushing was interesting when I got home!!!

The scene was very dramatic with the wind, crashing waves and seagulls out of control but this added to the fun we had. It was great to meet up with Karen and Callan just to chat about their plans, have a good look around the venue and put some ideas in place for the big day.

I seem to have gone on a black and white fest today but hey let’s go with it. I do love the benches and Victorian railings here, it is that quirky mix of times gone by but for some reason it reminds me of the fifties more. I think this is because of a particular image I just love that was taken by Bert Hardy, so whenever I am here I think of that. The direction of light has created a semi-silhouette effect and really softens the image creating quite a times gone by feel and this is further enhanced by the black and white used. Ummm image two…shared bodily warmth?! I just love image three, it has movement, fun, animation and drama added by the waves, wind and overall scene; just looking at it makes me smile; I like images that make me smile 🙂 and they are off in image four again the vibrancy of the colours and direction of light makes for a very dynamic image here.

All the images were taken on the Olympus OMD and I use these little babies on every pre-wedding shoot now. My faithul friends the Nikons are really enjoying having some time off ; it’s all since they joined a union!!!

Image of the week will be later so looking forward to catching up with you all then.

Claire 🙂