Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Emma and Andy at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex. Their wedding day was gorgeous and featured some wonderful West Sussex Wedding suppliers too.

The whole event took place at the hotel and as usual the service from the team on the day was exceptional. Emma looked absolutely amazing in an Emma Tindley Couture silk gown; it is no secret that I think Emma’s dresses are brilliant and as her official photographer I photograph them often but it was lovely to have one at a real wedding. It moved beautifully as I knew it would and was a joy to see. Designer Emma is also an accomplished florist having trained under the best, Jane Packer and she also did bride Emma’s flowers on the day. How great is that as she was able to tailor the flowers to match the dress perfectly. Alsion J Smith from Bridal Beauty did Emma’s hair and make-up along with the girls hair. Again I know Alsion’s work well and she is designer Emma’s resident hair and make-up expert; her work is always beautiful and today was no exception. Last but not least we have the beautiful cakes from La Maision des Petits Gateaux; I have also produced the imagery for Amanda’s website so it was again a joy to see her creations at a real wedding. I was allowed to take a cakey home and it tasted divine. Obviously I have to ensure that the cake is up to standard against many of Amanda’s cakes I have eaten and I am pleased to say folks it did. It really is a tough job but someone has to get out there and do it ;). There is an image showcasing some of the cakes from the day on my facebook page if you want to pop along and have a look.

So let’s get back to Emma and Andy! The day was fun, silly, happy, emotional and just lovely. We had so much fun on the pre-wedding shoot I just knew I would be laughing all day. We had some funny moments at the lake when the buggy got stuck in the mud, we all had to off load apart from Emma and I really thought that it would be a case of us all pushing but luckily enough our lovely driver backed up and got some momentum going, Andy was last seen chasing the buggy with his wife in it! Emma thinks it was pay back for laughing at me being a ‘wuss’ at the pre-wedding shoot 🙂

So now to today’s images. I just love this image of Emma with the bridesmaids and the little girl in the front is their beautiful daughter Amber, who trumps me for asking questions; she is just adorable. Image two is Andy with their son Oscar, he was so funny in one of the shots when he managed to replicate what I thought was an unattainable pose, well I now know it is possible…just! Image three is of Emma having a quiet moment in her room just before the marriage, we all think she looks like Bridget Bardot. Last but not least, the lake before the buggy shenanigans; the light here was lovely and I loved the way it glistened on the water.

We decided not to have a normal cake shot, ours was definitely the carry on version so I think you can probably imagine that the day contained mostly sniggering with double entendres!!!

Have a great week folks and looking forward to catching up with you all later.

Claire 🙂