Good Morning Folks,

Here we are back doing pre-wedding photography at the ever beautiful wedding venue that is South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex on a glorious late summer’s eve. Say hello to Amanda and Damien who will be getting married here soon.

We did have a laugh; Damien is such a joker and is always mucking about, I tried to be stern but just fell about laughing, he is a minx and I think I have met my match for minxish behaviour 😉 I wanted to find some different spots to use on their wedding day as I do love to keep finding new nooks and crannies no matter how much I have photographed at a wedding venue. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and some will as always be dependent on the weather once the big day is here. Poor Amanda had no option to keep rolling her eyes as the shoot progressed with the two minxes being a bit silly; but we all know she loves it really folks!

So here are today’s images; when a nice bit of evening light like this comes along it seems a shame not to make the most of it, so here we have a romantic moment (yes you two you are romantic despite what you say) in the golden warmth of the evening sun. A little walk to explore the grounds at South Lodge is always a must and just loving this image in black and white. It was so lovely to see the deckchairs out, and a sneaky pic capturing a sneaky kiss was definitely required here! I think you all know I love those lamps at South Lodge so here is a favourite location of mine but with a different pose 🙂

Have a fab weekend folks; it looks like we may be having some warmer weather so make the most of it while you can. The fruit and veg fests are coming to an end, which was a little sad until apple and pear fest arrived, aren’t we lucky to have the seasons and with the arrival of each one it brings a new bounty…love it!

Claire 🙂