Actor Headshots


Good Afternoon Folks,

Today we talk about Actor Headshots.  Jake is an Actor studying in New York and on a recent trip home he needed a new portfolio of Actor Headshots. The brief that Stella Adler gave him was to capture the a’ representation of you’, ummm what to do, what to do!!!! The brief well was…brief, so after lots of agonising and looking at other Actor Headshots in the USA I thought I might have an idea of what the ‘representation of you’ meant. The one thing we did know what they had to be different from the UK ones.

On the day I still wasn’t 100% on what we were going to get but hey we decided we would go with the flow. Jake and I trawled though what seemed thousands of images to see if we could get the ‘representation of that person’ notably these were all American actors and yes we felt a theme coming on so we then headed into the studio to get a ‘representation of Jake’.

No one person can be defined wholly in one image and that much was obvious from our earlier trawlings through the ‘net’, so we set about seeing what we could capture of Jake and how the shots could be used to show different facets of his own personality and facets of the characters he could bring to life. To create a portfolio with variety means that he can pick the most pertinent headshot for a particular role, but as a set hopefully the casting directors can see versatility in him and the craft he is honing.

The images needed to be in a 10×8 inch ratio in order for him to have his CV one side and the head shot the other and in portrait. As you can see they are mostly head and shoulders, again this is the usual but I wanted to throw in a few wildcards for variety and interest when they are being seen as a set, so yes some landscape ones too.

So here we have it the final set of Jake’s Actor Headshots made in England for the USA and I hope they serve him well until they need updating.

I enjoyed the shoot and we, as always, had a laugh. I have been photographing Jake for a number of years now and it has been an honour to be a part of his life and progression. Jake, I have high hopes for you and the dream of walking down the red carpet at one of your premieres; I feel this could be getting closer…no pressure there then 😉

Have a great day folks,

Claire 🙂