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Maids to Measure with Touker Suleyman


Good Afternoon Folks,

What fun we had with Maids to Measure with Touker Suleyman. The lovely Maids Sinclair and India Sellars have been building their business for the last four years and they specialise in creating beautiful bridesmaids dresses. They saw a massive gap in the market and set about filling this gap with the most exquisite bridesmaid gowns.

Gone are the days when bridesmaids lived in fear of what they were going to be made to wear; thanks to these two talented ladies they now have some very classy gowns to choose and wear. They have dressed some very high profile bridesmaids so I think it is safe to say they have got things just right!

I hear cries of these must be way out of our budget; well I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the price bracket and these little numbers are something that can be worn after the wedding too.

Now our lovely maids are set to reach new heights with the funding that Touker Suleyman has invested into their business and you can read all about it if you click here, this was an article featured in The Sunday Times.  Maids to Measure with Touker Suleyman is sure to be a match made in Heaven 🙂

So on to the party, which I was chuffed to bits to be invited to! It was held at Home House 20 Portman Square in London and this is where Sinclair and India launched their company four years ago, so it is rather fitting that they should celebrate this milestone there too. There were all sorts of scrumptious drinkies and food on offer and I did feel that I needed to sample all of them for this very important research 😉  Emma Tindley and I had lots of great chats with the other guests. For those of you who haven’t heard of Emma, she is our designer extraordinaire who won the You and Your Wedding Designer of The Year 2015. She also made Sinclair’s bespoke gown for her wedding last year and this was featured in Brides magazine too!

We are so proud of you Sinclair and India and can’t wait to see what exciting things are in store for you. If you are getting married be sure to pop along to Maids to Measure to see all the gorgeous things they have to offer.


Claire 🙂


Selsdon Park Hotel Secret Garden in Surrey with the 'A' Team!

selsdon-park-hotel-surrey-outdoor-ceremonies-for-bespoke-brides emma-tindley selsdon-park-hotel-surrey-outdoor-ceremonies-for-bespoke-brides-la-maison-des-petits-gateaux selsdon-park-hotel-surrey-outdoor-ceremonies-for-bespoke-brides-model-amy-seymour-mua alison-j-smith-bridal-beauty selsdon-park-hotel-surrey-outdoor-ceremonies-for-bespoke-brides-model-reveries-events selsdon-park-hotel-surrey-outdoor-ceremonies-for-bespoke-brides-woodland-hill-photography
Good Morning Folks,

Last week I had a telephone call from Rob at Reveries Events asking if I would photograph a beautiful space at the Selsdon Park Hotel in Surrey that they want to promote for outdoor weddings. It was Rob and he has to be the most talented venue dresser there is so it was an immediate yes!! The theme that Rob designed was a secret garden in vintage lilac. I then set about gathering the only team for the job to see if they wanted to be a part of the shoot. For designer gowns there could be no other than the amazing Emma Tindley and I immediately had three gowns in mind from the 2015 collection that would suit the Secret Garden theme. Our amazing Amy Seymour, model extraordinaire was immediately on board for modelling. Who else could one choose for hair and make-up but Alison J Smith. So that was the first part of the team on board.

I thought a cake that fitted the theme would be a brilliant addition to the garden and I discussed the idea with cake designer Amanda "Mands" from La Maison des Petits Gateaux. I only had to say secret garden, vintage lilac and boom she was overflowing with brilliant ideas; by the way did I forget to say this lady is a genius!

Jake who is soon off to Stella Adler in New York was on board to be a runner and my assistant for the day along with Tracy who is Amy's mother. The 'A' team were back for another mission to create utter loveliness!

Yesterday was such fun and Rob you are a true artist you really are; just take a look at this beautiful area he has created for Selsdon Park Hotel. We also think this space for outdoor ceremonies could span the whole year and all sorts of ideas were discussed :) Rob really does continue to amaze me and to be honest folks where he leads others merely follow, so if you see this elsewhere always be in the knowledge Rob did it first.

Let’s get on to Emma Tindley, well I always wax lyrical about our super talented 'Tinders' and to be her official photographer is a true honour. Her dresses are sublime and I love photographing them, be it for the collection, a shoot and real brides. We are so lucky to have a designer of her calibre in East Grinstead and not having to slog all the way to London. If you are a bride and care about the way you dress then Emma is your only port of call…I know, I know I am biased but it's true!!

Amy Seymour, actor, model all round beauty and again to photograph you is an honour gorgeous Amz; I am confident you will go far and you are beautiful inside and out. I hope I am photographing you for years to come.

Alison Smith. Now I want to give a special shout out to Alison as I often think hair and make-up is overlooked. Without the magic they perform on the day I know my images wouldn't have that va, va, voom and to watch Alison in action on both shoots and weddings always has me in awe. Just look at the magazines, they hardly get a mention for their artistry and that makes me very sad indeed. Alison you are getting a mahoosive mention here and you are brilliant :)

Last but not least the talent that lies behind La Maison des petits Gateaux; Amanda. She has to be one of the most talented cake designers I know, having trained with the best she is at the top of her game. Again another supplier who is often overlooked, with "well it's only a bit of cake". Be assured folks, I have tried a lot of cake in my time and it is most definitely not just a bit of cake. It is the beauty of the design matching the wonderful flavours of the cake and appreciating the hours of intricate work that goes into her creations.

So there we have it, the 'A' team and I love it when a plan comes together; I will now leave you with a few sneak peeks from yesterday and I am excited for the edit I really am.

Claire :)

Ravensbourne School Wedding Venue in Bromley Kent


Good Afternoon Folks,

Today's blog features a new wedding venue in Bromley, Ravensbourne School. I was asked to pop along and capture some images for them to use in their marketing. I must say I was most impressed with this venue. It boasts some marvellous architecture, a farm with the loveliest goats you could ever wish to meet, a great hall that has a real wow factor. I can really see this venue going from strength to strength and they have all sorts of plans for the grounds too, not that they are lovely enough already.

I am posting a couple of images today of our gorgeous model wearing the one and only Emma Tindley Couture. Emma very kindly loaned us some gowns for the shoot and as usual they were perfection itself; well I would expect no less from Designer of the Year 2014 :)

Alex Hill from Wonderful Weddings in Kent will be the wedding co-ordinator at Ravensbourne School and what Alex doesn't know about weddings isn't worth knowing to be honest. Now what a clever venue getting Alex on board :)

So if you are starting out and planning your wedding I would definitely get in touch with Alex to have a look round this stunning venue.

Have a fab weekend folks, it has been a busy few weeks for me. Lots of pre-wedding photography shoots, weddings, studio stuff oh and giving our new feastable a whirl. What is a feastable I hear you ask, well if you want to pop into my instagram account you can find out; pop on over to woodlandhillphoto and if you want to see bits and bobs that will only be posted there, give me a follow.

Enjoy the warmth and the sun,

Claire :)

Condé de Nast Brides Magazine Brides the Show Battersea - Emma Tindley


Brides-Magazine- Brides-the-show-Emma-Tindley-London-catwalk-fashion-photography5Brides-Magazine- Brides-the-show-Emma-Tindley-London-catwalk-fashion-photography6Brides-Magazine- Brides-the-show-Emma-Tindley-London-catwalk-fashion-photography

Brides-Magazine- Brides-the-show-Emma-Tindley-London-catwalk-fashion-photography2

Brides-Magazine- Brides-the-show-Emma-Tindley-London-catwalk-fashion-photography3

Brides-Magazine- Brides-the-show-Emma-Tindley-London-catwalk-fashion-photography4

Good Morning Folks,

Today's blog is a little different and to be honest I am still in a bit of shock! This weekend I was at Brides the Show hosted by the Condé de Nast magazine Brides with Emma Tindley.Having completed the 2014 collection shoot last Monday it was a race to edit a prepare a few images for release at the show on Friday.

We were up at the crack on dawn on Friday morning to make the trip to London and prepare the stand for the grand opening and VIP evening. We were so pleased to be opposite the wonderful Maids to Measure and there was much hilarity during the day; everything was finished by about 3.30 pm and we then headed off to our hotel to have a quick chat, change to be back in time for the grand opening. Emma was very sleek in a black dress with sparkles, wonderful 'hair-do' and tiara. I opted for a cheeky little pink Tindley number that fitted perfectly with the stand theme. The evening was a great success with lots of press interest but nothing could prepare us for what was to come.

The buses were arriving from Sloane Square early and there were queues of people waiting for the doors to open. We were absolutely mobbed all day and the crowds became overwhelming after each catwalk show. We literally could not believe what we were witnessing, in the end we had to implement an appointment system so that everyone could witness a bit of the Tindley exclusivity! Emma and I arrived on the stand just before 10.00 am and we did not leave the stand at all until 5.10 pm; I can be so precise because that was the first time all day I was able to visit the 'powder room'. Amanda was a godsend and she was there to chat and keep an element of crowd control, and folks I am really not exaggerating here!

There were so many highlights of the day and to see the many beautiful brides at the moment they have found the 'one' is something I could never tire of. The London catwalk was awe inspiring, and from the images I am posting today I think you will agree. I was also able to have a peek behind the scenes and wow this was the most amazing set up.

So I will leave you today with a few images of Emma's stand and her Eleanor dress swishing down that glamorous London catwalk!

Look out later in the week for part two of Rachael and Patrick at Swallows Oast.

Claire :)

Emma Tindley Couture at The White Gallery: West Sussex Photographers

Good Morning Folks,

I have some exciting news that Emma Tindley Couture announced in the New Year; she has been invited to launch her 2014 collection at The White Gallery.

I am just thrilled as it is no secret that I think Emma's dresses are the best. I first photographed her collection in early 2011 and I was bowled over by the gorgeous designs and quality in her dresses. Emma trained at the London College of Fashion and one of her specialities is period corsetry. This really shows in her designs as there is that mix of being comfortable and looking absolutely amazing. Her brides are very discerning and she has dressed many ladies from all over the world; now that just shows how good she is.

I just wanted to say huge congratulations Emma and this now puts you as one of the leading designers in the country, and this is just as it should be.

I have the very great honour of being Emma's official photographer and I just cannot wait to photograph the 2014 collection, which has been in the planning for some time now as shoots of this magnitude often are; how exciting!

So today I am posting an image from the Shakespeare in Love Collection that was taken at our shoot last year in the glorious surroundings of Wakehurst Place.

Enjoy the snow; note to self, must get some snowballing in before it melts!


If you would like to see some more of my work pop along to Woodland Hill Photography

Maids to Measure, London at Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, West Sussex: West Sussex Photographers London Photographers

Good Morning All,

Well what a mad and wonderful day yesterday. Emma Tindley, Maids to Measure, Reveries, Alison J Smith, Four Seasons Floral design, Broadleys, Susan Harrison, Janeymac Cakes and Cake Masion all gathered at the wonderful Wakehurst Place for an exclusive photoshoot. The venue was closed and we had access all areas. I want to say a big, big thank you to the wonderful Katie Ratcliffe, the Events Manager at Wakehurst Place for having us at Wakehurst and you will see her popping up in the imagery; when you have gorgeousness like Katie on your doorstep you will be a fool not to make the most of her!

The weather decided to give us some challenges and I had several 'hair washes' during the day, not a pretty sight. Now it is time to start the edit but I wanted to post an image of a Maids to Measure dress amongst the early blooming wisteria. Yes folks it was absolutely lashing down with rain when we took this and I cannot thank both Adrian (my husband) and Andrew a brilliant friend for helping me out. They were jumping in an out of each shot with the 'brollies to ensure that 'spoffy' was as dry as she could be.

If you want to see one of Emma's dresses then click here to have a sneaky peek.

Have a great day all,


Sweet Little Blings: West Sussex Product Photography

Good Afternoon,

In a trice here we are again at Friday and what another busy week, but more of that later. Recently I photographed the amazing sweet trees for Sweet Little Blings. This is a new company and they are building up a really lovely range of products. The aromas wafting around in the studio were lovely and I this is why I opted for pink and blue tones to compliment the trees. I am posting three images today and just looking at them makes my mouth water!

So this week at Woodland Hill Photography has been very busy; I have been booking weddings for this year and I also had the most productive admin and editing days. Wednesday saw a trip to Focus, which is one of the two must do trade events for photographers. I commented on my Facebook page that the show should be re-named 'covet' as there were lots of amazing things for me to drool over.

It was lovely to catch up with my album suppliers and they won best stand at the show. The stand for this year was a real showpiece and showed their products off beautifully. I also trotted over to see my supplier of my wall art. They had some beautiful products that were unveiled. I knew their plans for some of them, but wow I was bowled over when I saw the rest. I now need to see what I am going to introduce into my product menus; this is going to be hard.

Have a great weekend everyone, I am seeing clients tomorrow, followed by a childrens' party and then a day off on Sunday. I think it is due to get warm...happy days.


Red Squirrel Arts: West Sussex Commercial Photographer

Good Morning Folks,

Well it has been a very varied week so far at Woodland Hill Photography with pre-wedding shoots, bridal dress shoots and the artwork of the very talented Rich Spicer.

I travelled to Rich's studio in Worthing earlier this week to photograph his collection, which has been titled 'the look up series'. Rich has drawn his inspiration from the beautiful tree canopies that we have in this country and his aim was to encourage people to look up and see the beauty that exists above their heads.

The whole collection is going to be exhibited at the St Paul's Centre, Chapel Road, Worthing from 5th March until the 2nd April. Rich is going to exhibit in the most unsual way and I cannot wait to see the whole series in situ.

I am posting a couple of images and a portrait of Rich, but if you want to see some more ahead of the exhibition then I will be posting some extra ones on my twitter account if you click here it will take you straight there.

My next post for this week is going to be some more artistry but of the sweet variety from Sweet Little Blings; the studio had the most fragrant aroma during this shoot....yummy!

Enjoy your week and hope you all enjoyed pancake day; I like mine simple with just lemon juice and sugar:)


South Lodge Wedding Fayre

Good Afternoon Folks,

Well after another busy week I am preparing to exhibit at the South Lodge Wedding Fayre this coming Sunday 5th February.

South Lodge is a majestic venue situated in Lower Beeding near Horsham and I will be photographing a wedding there later in the year; so lots to look forward to as the venue boasts not only magnificent grounds, but an amazing interior for those rainy days and winter weddings.

You will find lots of suppliers at the event who will be on hand to chat with you about your day; and I am sure that a wander around the venue and grounds is a must.

I have posted an image from Emma Tindley Couture's new collection and this amazing dress will be exhibited on Sunday too; it really is amazing. Emma is a truly talented designer and her creations are just exquisite. I am really looking forward to photographing it on location along with the rest of the collection in the spring at another magnificent venue.

Enjoy your weekend; I am in the studio tomorrow doing a test shoot for a new product that I am experimenting with and then it lots of lovely chats on Sunday....ahhh a weekend of peace says my Husband!