Good Morning All,

Well what a mad and wonderful day yesterday. Emma Tindley, Maids to Measure, Reveries, Alison J Smith, Four Seasons Floral design, Broadleys, Susan Harrison, Janeymac Cakes and Cake Masion all gathered at the wonderful Wakehurst Place for an exclusive photoshoot. The venue was closed and we had access all areas. I want to say a big, big thank you to the wonderful Katie Ratcliffe, the Events Manager at Wakehurst Place for having us at Wakehurst and you will see her popping up in the imagery; when you have gorgeousness like Katie on your doorstep you will be a fool not to make the most of her!

The weather decided to give us some challenges and I had several ‘hair washes’ during the day, not a pretty sight. Now it is time to start the edit but I wanted to post an image of a Maids to Measure dress amongst the early blooming wisteria. Yes folks it was absolutely lashing down with rain when we took this and I cannot thank both Adrian (my husband) and Andrew a brilliant friend for helping me out. They were jumping in an out of each shot with the ‘brollies to ensure that ‘spoffy’ was as dry as she could be.

If you want to see one of Emma’s dresses then click here to have a sneaky peek.

Have a great day all,