Good Morning Folks,

Well it has been a very varied week so far at Woodland Hill Photography with pre-wedding shoots, bridal dress shoots and the artwork of the very talented Rich Spicer.

I travelled to Rich’s studio in Worthing earlier this week to photograph his collection, which has been titled ‘the look up series’. Rich has drawn his inspiration from the beautiful tree canopies that we have in this country and his aim was to encourage people to look up and see the beauty that exists above their heads.

The whole collection is going to be exhibited at the St Paul’s Centre, Chapel Road, Worthing from 5th March until the 2nd April. Rich is going to exhibit in the most unsual way and I cannot wait to see the whole series in situ.

I am posting a couple of images and a portrait of Rich, but if you want to see some more ahead of the exhibition then I will be posting some extra ones on my twitter account if you click here it will take you straight there.

My next post for this week is going to be some more artistry but of the sweet variety from Sweet Little Blings; the studio had the most fragrant aroma during this shoot….yummy!

Enjoy your week and hope you all enjoyed pancake day; I like mine simple with just lemon juice and sugar:)