West Sussex Bridal Hair and Makeup - Sunny and Danny Andre

West Sussex Bridal Hair and Makeup

Today I am so pleased to wax lyrical about Asta Perkins who is just an amazing West Sussex bridal hair and makeup artist. You can see Asta's incredible work featured in many of my shoots and I am over the moon that she is also in charge of some of my 2015 Brides' wedding hair and make-up too :)

Asta has been featured regularly in a magazine called re:, where she is asked to write articles and her latest one was all about bridal make-up. This is often overlooked in the hub bub of arranging a wedding, but having a really good hair and make-up artist is the one thing that really brings everything together. It enhances the dress, the correct application ensures that it is neither too heavy or too light for the photographer; and most of all it has staying power so a bride will look as good at the end of the day as she did at the start. Hair and make-up artists of Asta's calibre are worth their weight in gold.

I am attaching the article for two reasons, firstly for all you lovely brides to have a read as the advice in there is well worth noting, but also to show off one of my images that Asta particularly wanted to use for the article. Last year Sunny Andre married the love of her life Danny and they truly celebrated the next chapter of their lives together with not one, not two but three weddings! It was a real honour to cover their Hindu ceremony in London and they have some private memories of a wonderful evening. We were chuffed to bits to be invited as guests to their beautiful Cyprus wedding and again it was lovely to capture some private images for them. Sunny has very kindly sanctioned this image to be used publicly to accompany Asta's article so it is lovely to be able to share it with you all. When I look at this image, it reminds me of the wonderful and fun time we all had, oh and me blubbing as Sunny walked with her Father to marry the man of her dreams; it was a moment I shall never forget.

Asta created the most beautiful look for Sunny for her wedding and as you can see this fitted perfectly with the dress that was designed by our very own Emma Tindley. This was a bespoke piece created just for Sunny to entwine her Indian heritage with Danny's Greek heritage. It really was a masterpiece and shows that Emma has the ability to create anything. She never fails to impress me! The beautiful headpiece was created by Ivory and Co. and again the whole look makes the eye flow seamlessly from head to toe.

As suppliers we love to work with people who are as committed to their craft as we are and working with these two ladies is nothing but a pleasure; here's to many more Asta and Emma.


Photographer - www.woodlandhillphotography.co.uk
Hair and make-up - www.astaperkins.co.uk
Dress - www.emmatindley.co.uk
Headpiece - www.ivoryandcotiaras.co.uk
Shoes - www.charlottemillsbridal.co.uk
Venue - www.palmbeachhotel.com

West Sussex Wedding Photographer - Katie and Tim

West Sussex Wedding Photographer

Hello Folks, long time no blog from this West Sussex Wedding Photographer!!!

I thought we would go back to chatting about weddings today as May is traditionally seen as the start of the wedding season. Last year I was very honoured to be asked by my very good friend Katie to photograph her wedding to Tim. They are such a lovely couple and made for each other.

Katie has to be one of the best wedding planners in the business so no pressure for her own big day then!!!! She wanted to go for something completely different and so the Darling Buds of May was born. As soon as I saw the venue, which was a quaint little Victorian hall in Ardingly, I knew that this wedding would take me back to my favourite stories by H E Bates. Katie, Tim and I all hail from Kent so this theme was really close to our hearts.

The preparations were immense but boy was it worth it. As the day dawned I knew we were in for a scorcher, yes it was a little challenging with the light during the day but we were all rewarded with this amazing golden glow that greeted us as we frolicked in the fields of the South of England showground. That time was as free and easy as H E Bates depicted in his books; every time I look at these images I think we have our very own Mariette and Charlie right here in Sussex.

The day was everything Katie and Tim wanted for their wedding and I was so pleased to be a part of it as was Emma Tindley designer extraordinaire who designed the perfect British made dress you see in the photos. Amanda from La Maision des Petits Gateaux designed the cake and it fitted just perfectly with the theme, she is so clever. I loved that the 'A' team were together for this beautiful day. Fiona Hosford the harpist played for Katie in the Church; I always love seeing Fiona, she is talented and such good fun.

I hope these images bring you hope of a warm a sunny summer ahead, for me this day was 'Perfick'.

Have a brilliant weekend folks,

Claire :)

Wedding Dress - www.emmatindley.co.uk

Cake - www.lamaisondespetitsgateaux.co.uk

Harpist - www.harpist.uk.com

Flowers - www.astilbeandsorrel.com

West Sussex Baby Photography - Ben West Sussex Newborn Photographer

West Sussex Baby Photography

Good Afternoon Folks and today's post is all about west sussex baby photography!

Here is another beautiful newborn boy for you today. Well it is Spring and we have just had Easter so it seemed very apt.

I was very lucky enough to photograph Ben's Mummy and Daddy's wedding in 2013 and it was a joy to see them again with their lovely little boy.

Newborn shoots are generally much longer than normal because it takes time to settle little bubs and get them into that deep, deep sleep that makes these shots so special. I always tell parents not to worry as it will take as long as it takes and there will always be 'stuff' happening when the nappy is removed so not to worry in the slightest. The studio is also much warmer than usual as the environment needs to be just right for the shoot. I always wear short sleeves and I advise parents to do the same so they do not overheat!!!

The result is always worth it though and there is nothing more satisfying than capturing those first shots within the first two weeks of life. The newborn phase is so fleeting and once gone can be forgotten so easily if it has not been captured.

I always laugh and say my Mummies and Daddies are getting their blackmail shots ready for when their bubs turn 18 and bring their first Girlfriend or Boyfriend home…so little ones watch out and make sure you behave yourselves!!!

I hope you all had a smashing Easter and however you chose to celebrate it you had a wonderful time. It was nice to have a few days off Chez Hill and today I am straight back into the swing of things; although I did take a sneaky Friday off a week ago to visit the Ideal Home Exhibition. I do love looking at all the new gizmos and it is just fab for a geek like me : D

Have a great week all and if you are interested in West Sussex Baby Photography then don't hesitate to get in touch :)

Claire :)

Tunbridge Wells Baby Newborn Photography


tunbridge-wells-newborn-and-pregnancy-photographerGood Afternoon Folks,

So something a little different from weddings in today's blog; some West Sussex newborn photography!!

I had the honour of photographing Katy and Andy's wedding in 2012 and I loved hearing the news that Katy was pregnant with their first baby. Katy's sister was also pregnant so we did a 'double trouble' bump shoot, which I blogged about ages ago. Little Jacob was born right at the start of the New Year so he came along to the studio when he was just days old to make his photographic debut. He was such chilled little man as you can see from the shot where I was desperate to try out my new donkey slippers; little Jacob obliged and was chillin'!

We did a variety of shots and here is just a small selection from the day. I love the one of Katy and Andy together, the look on their faces says it all; pure love, pride and an amazement of the beautiful new life they made together. I am so privileged to be able to witness these moments and really appreciate how wonderful life truly is.

I hope you love them as much as I do :)

I have lots on this weekend work wise; this week has been a busy one as I have lots of plans in place for the studio along with setting up my new Eizo monitor. It took a while but I now have a two monitor shenanigans going on in the office. I can whizz from one to the other and being able to display things over two monitors is amazing…I know, humour me!! I purchased a couple of other studio bits and bobs so cannot wait to try them out in the coming weeks.

Have a fab weekend all and be sure to pop back to catch up on my monitor musings…Rockin'!!!

Claire :)

Graveteye Manor Luxury Intimate wedding venue in Sussex - Jasmine and Christian




Good Afternoon Folks,

I am a bit closer to home this week at Gravetye Manor and I am very much looking forward to photographing at this luxury intimate wedding venue in Sussex.

Jasmine first contacted me after she was chatting with our very own award winning designer Emma Tindley as she had been badly let down by her previous photographer. She came along to have a chat with me; I am not usually so vocal but I was shocked when she told me that she had paid this photographer a substantial booking fee with the firm agreement that her wedding date could be changed. Despite Jasmine contacting this person on several occasions with the new date, they did not get back to her at all; eventually when Jasmine persisted the photographer e-mailed back saying they were no longer a photographer!!! This photographer had not supplied her with any receipts for her money, the website was a blogspot (so completely free) website with not contact address or telephone number, just an e-mail address. When Jasmine was looking for her photographer originally she researched one of the biggest bridal blogs and because they had this person on their recommended list along with two or three articles that featured the photographer, she felt confident this person was professional! I hate to hark on but lots of brides use these blogs as a valuable resource and I think Jasmine has been badly let down. So just a few last things; make sure your photographer is professionally qualified with one of the organisations, has a proper website with an address and telephone number(s) and always insist on a receipt or paid with thanks invoice for money that you pay to them. If a photographer talks about passion without the back up of qualifications then you can be pretty much rest assured they don't have any!

So onto happier things because I am so pleased to be photographing their amazing wedding and the pre-wedding shoot was to explore a very distinctive style they had in mind; when we chatted at our initial meeting with Christian I knew this was going to be great. I think you can probably see the style we are aiming for on the big day from a small selection of the images you see here and it suits Gravetye perfectly. They are having a very intimate wedding, which is Gravetye's speciality; we are so lucky to have this gem so close to home and I cannot wait to be there with them on their wedding day.

For Jasmine and Christian it is all about the excitement now and really looking forward to a wonderful day that will be the start of the rest of their lives together.

See you soon you two,

Claire :)

Weddings in Surrey at the Chalk Lane Hotel in Epsom - Lindsey and Dave

weddings at chalk lane hotel epsom surrey

weddings at chalk lane hotel epsom surrey2
Good Afternoon Folks,

Weddings in Surrey that are beautiful and intimate at The Chalk Lane Hotel in Epsom surrey and today and our lovely couple is Lindsey and Dave.

Lindsey and Dave were looking for a very specific coverage to suit the intimate style of their wedding and all the plans for this were put into place at our meeting at the hotel itself. Chalk Lane Hotel is literally a stone's throw from Epsom's race course and on our wanderings we found a stable that was perfect for the day. On the wedding day itself the ladies at the stable were so accommodating and we were allowed to take some photographs there. Lindsey had a challenger to Dave's affections…it was none other than Peaches the horse who took an instant liking to Dave and wouldn't leave him alone. She even did her best to scupper the kissing shots, it was hilarious!!

The day was a very relaxed mixture of documentary, group shots and portraiture, which really reflected the type of wedding they were having. Before we knew it the time had come for all the guests to take their seats for the private dining. It was marvellous because there were so many choices on offer it really added to the intimate nature of the wedding.

Lindsey and Dave jetted off to their honeymoon that night, which was a wonderful end to the most relaxed and magical day.

Spring seems to be springing and I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to the landscape bursting into life after its long winter slumbers.

Have a happy day all,

Claire :)

Buxted park Hotel Wedding Photography - Wenjing and Julian

Buxted Park Hotel Wedding



Good afternoon Folks,

So here we are at another Buxted Park Hotel wedding with Wenjing and Julian; it was a scorcher of day so I hope this wedding brings some more cheer to you all on this very cold day!!

Wenjing and Julian live in the Netherlands so they did an amazing job arranging a long distance wedding. There were several trips back and forth to the UK and each trip had to be of maximum use to get everything done and wow I think they did an amazing job.

This was a Buxted Park Hotel wedding in total so everything started and finished here; we were greeted by Marc who was as wonderful as ever and he never fails to make me laugh. Julian was doing his best to remain cool on this very hot day so after a quick hello we went to Wenjing to capture her bridal preparations. All was calm and serene and I must say on a hot day the Buxted Park Hotel suites were very cool, what a lovely place to prepare for marriage.

We then joined the boys to capture some shots before going back to Wenjing and the gang to be with them on Wenjing's last walk as a single woman. The ceremony took place outside and again Buxted Park have really thought out their outside wedding facilities. The area they have licensed for marriages is on a shady side of the house and under cover, so even though it was a hot day it was just so pleasant and the light was wonderful…well done Buxted Park!!!

All the guests enjoyed a smashing drinkies and canapés session in the afternoon sun, whilst we popped off for a wander for some relaxed Bride and Groom portraiture. After a very fun group shots session that felt a bit like Eurovision it was time for some proper relaxation during the wedding breakfast. So back to Eurovision; well Wenjing and Julian are well travelled so they had friends from many different countries and their group shots reflected that. We started up a competition to see who could do the silliest thing, it was so much fun and it was Copenhagen who stole the day. I do love to have fun during the group shots and most people see them as boring…..not for me, it's a time for silliness, pranks and lots of laughter!!!

We had another wander in the warmth of the evening sun before Wenjing and Julian changed to be ready for their evening celebrations.

The wonderful cake you see here is by La Maision des Petits Gateaux and all the beautiful floristy was by Zara Flora.

What a wonderful day with a brilliant crowd who were so much fun; thank you :)

There are all sorts of things going on behind the scenes at the moment; it's all very exciting and I am staying out of trouble…..just ;)

Claire :D

Wedding Photographers in Kent Aylesford Priory - Natalie and Steve



Good Afternoon Folks,

So I was being a wedding photographer in Kent for Natalie and Steve's wedding at the very beautiful Aylesford Priory. This venue is very unique in that you have the priory grounds, some amazing architecture and your reception will be held in a converted barn, which takes on a very rustic feel so lots to work with here.

I was chuffed to bits to be photographing this wedding because I also had the honour of being the wedding photographer for Natalie's sister Hannah in 2012,so it was great to be back meeting with the family again. I don't know if you remember but Natalie and Hannah's Aunt used to teach me at secondary school and I was in the same year as their Uncle; what a small world because this all came to light during a discussion when they came to see me for Hannah's wedding!

So the day started at Natalie's parent's house, it was very chilled and the girls where having lots of fun with their bridal preparations. We photographed all the lovely bits like the shoes, flowers and Natalie's art deco inspired dress. As you can see I have taken you right back to mid summer and this was a beautifully warm day, so something to cheer you up with the cold weather we are having.

We then toddled off to meet the boys and capture some shots of them ahead of Natalie's arrival and before we knew it Natalie was walking up the aisle to marry the love of her life. After the ceremony quite a few of the guests had to check into the local hotel so we made the most of the time and had a quiet few moments at Leeds Church in Kent, and yes this is a stone's throw from Leeds castle. I think Natalie and Steve really enjoyed having some time together just to chat and reflect.

Next stop was Aylesford Priory for some chillin' with drinkies and canapés, we finished with a couple of the larger groups and wandered off for a few minutes to capture a shot that had been set in place at the pre wedding shoot; it was happy days indeed to get that; Natalie and Steve will know exactly what I mean and we were giggling like naughty children on the way back!

Their reception room décor was sublime and I know everyone had a great time enjoying the wonderful food. Before we knew it, the first dance was here and the evening fun began in earnest.

It was such a lovely day and I enjoyed every minute of it; as I sit here in my extra thick fleece I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face and imagine the trees in full leaf ahhhh not long now folks, not long.

Claire :)

Weddings at The Selsdon Park Hotel Surrey - Anne and Chris

Good Morning Folks,

I am loving this festive weather and this really makes me look forward to a Christmas wedding at the Selsdon Park Hotel wedding venue in Surrey. Anne and Chris have planned a warm and cosy festive wedding here and it was good to meet up and make some plans for the big day.

We did have a meander through the grounds but on the day it will be dark so we have been chatting about some lovely night shots we can take. Selsdon Park is such a versatile venue and it is really set up for weddings that span all seasons.

It was also a pleasure to meet Sam and Molly who came along to have a few pictures with 'Mum and Dad', they are sooooooo cute and very well behaved. I think Anne and Chris had to make sure they didn't end up with me as I would happily have taken them home…ooooooh they are bundles of gorgeousness!

I love Christmas and to be photographing a Christmas wedding is a joy so Anne and Chris I am looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Now folks have you put your Christmas decorations up yet? I have and thoroughly enjoyed it; I recently had a couple of weeks off work and loved every minute. It was so good to recharge my batteries and spend some time with my Husband, which is hard during the summer months as 6/7 day working weeks are really not uncommon. Anyway I am back and enjoying writing my blog, which I hope finds you all well.

Enjoy the frost….brrrrrrrr!

Claire :)

Fulham Palace London Wedding Venue


Good Morning Folks,

Today we are travelling to a very gorgeous wedding venue in London and it can be the one and only Fulham Palace where lovely Claire and Johnny had their reception.

Our day started in Clapham in Claire and Johnny's house, which was abound with wedding day excitement. Resplendent in the drive was Claire's Father's Model T Ford and this little lady was going to be today's transport; when I arrived Claire's Father was giving her one final polish to make her "wedding day fit" :) I do love these special touches as Claire said that it formed so many childhood memories and honking the horn was a particular favourite. Now their daughters have taken over the mantle and there was plenty of honking on the day along with squeals of laughter.  Claire's divine gown was from our one and only Emma Tindley and as with all Emma's dresses this was made to measure for the perfect fit.  There is nothing quite like having your gown made for you rather than altered to fit folks and it can work out much more cost effective than paying for expensive alterations of similarly priced gowns.

We had a fab time photographing the preparations and wow I fell in love with Claire and Johnny's bedroom and bathroom; it was a photographer's delight! It was then off to their local church to photograph the boys (in between bouts of lashing rain) and to await the arrival of Claire. The wind was particularly strong that day and everyone was being blown about as they arrived. Julie's timeline was ripped from her hands by the wind so there was a manic few minutes as we retrieved it with a brolly; ahhh such fun!!!

In true English weather fashion, the skies opened as Claire arrived but it did make for some lovely shots with Claire in the car. The church was just amazing inside with sublime light and the flowers…well wow, just wow. Afterwards the London buses took the troops to Fulham Palace where the drinkies and canapés went down a treat. After some fun Bride and Groom portraiture it was time for everyone to sit down, eat and relax but guess what folks it rained as the guests were making their way to the marquee…naughty, naughty weather.

The evening celebrations moved into the grand hall, the band started and the dancing commenced with a good time had by all, and once again I had the honour of being able to capture another wonderful wedding story…how lucky am I :)

Have a great week folks and I judging by the adverts Christmas is about to go into full swing and I do love a bit of Christmas.

Claire :)