Kirsty Jayne Floral Designs West Sussex - Image of the week

Week Eighteen

I was having a look through some commercial stuff the other day and came across some images I produced for Kirsty Jayne Floral Designs. I remembered just how beautiful her arrangements were and the wonderful smells that wafted around the studio during the shoot. Here is a sample just to give you a taster.

Weddings at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Debbie and Matt

Good Morning Folks,

I was recently at South Lodge Hotel for the pre wedding photography shoot of Debbie and Matt. The rain was incessant but that did not hamper our fun! We had a lovely wander around the hotel to get some ideas for the day and the rain abated just a little bit so we could venture outside. The initial plan was to use umbrellas but the strong winds put pay to that idea. As this was not an actual wedding day and dresses weren't involved the intrepid gang decided to just go for it and have some fun.

The images today show mainly the outside just because we were giggling like children when doing some of the shots and looking at them makes me smile. The first image today was taken inside; South Lodge is one of those venues that has it all for both wet and dry days, so if you get married there folks, the weather will not be a problem. We fly in the face of wind and rain, yes it was time to go outside, but I stress this is something that may not have been at the top of Debbie's list had it been on her actual wedding day. The pre-wedding shoots are all about fun, being a bit silly and relaxing in front of the camera so we just went for it! Image two is a nice stroll along the drive, then piggyback time! I discovered this little nook when looking for somewhere that would be a possible outside shot and this was lovely and dry. The huge vagaries of the weather in this country are great because something always appears that may have been overseen otherwise and this little nook is no exception. I love the shape of the branches behind too, it reminds me of something out of a fairytale. Last but not least just a bit of silly fun, we were mucking about trying to get the 'kick' correct. When Debbie did it Matt didn't and vice versa. We were double up with laughter and was one of the visitors to the hotel was most intrigued at what we were up to!

It was a beautiful day for my wedding yesterday and this week sees album ordering and wedding editing for me. Have a great week folks and looking forward to catching up with you all later.

Claire :)

Weddings at The Felbridge Hotel East Grinstead West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Seventeen

I thought I would keep the Pre-Wedding theme going this week and this is one from The Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, West Sussex. I wanted to demonstrate how relaxed Shelley and Matt were in front of the camera. On the day my Brides and Grooms are much more confident and relaxed in front of the camera as they have something to visualise from the pre-wedding shoot. I love this shot as again I am being silly behind the camera (seems to be the norm!) and this is the resultant laughter. I do love a bit of silliness it it so much fun ;)

Photographer at Buxted Park Wedding Venue - Nicola and Dean






Good Morning Folks,

I recently was the photographer at Buxted Park Hotel for the wedding of  Nicola and Dean. The day was just a joy, the weather was perfect and it was great to be back in this beautiful venue.

We started the wedding day in Crawley Down, which is near East Grinstead to photograph the preparations. I do love this part of the day as it sets the scene for all the lovely things to come. We then headed to Buxted Park Hotel, which was to be the wedding venue for both the ceremony and reception. The boys were ready and waiting and I just loved their choice of outfits. Dean did tell me he wasn't going down the traditional route and I thought he looked magnificent. The sun shone and the whole day was just lovely, I particularly liked all the little details; Nicola's Auntie did an amazing job with these and the flowers, she really is one talented lady.

So without further ado, here are today's images; so let's start with a documentary image; I do love the confetti shot and Buxted is a particularly nice backdrop, but I wanted to do something a little different so I have a sequence of images showing the wider scene and then I quickly captured a couple of shots showing the reaction and I couldn't be more pleased with the result as this image is brimming with smiles, reactions and happiness. We then move on to a Buxted classic; I love doing this image because it does test one's knowledge; it would be so easy to lose the couple in the architecture of this building but with careful positioning and exposure the building enhances rather than absorbs Nicola and Dean and I have ensured the hands are elegant here as anything else would look unsightly and detract the eye from the moment between them. Image three is a quiet stroll back towards the house with some of the lovely trees bobbing around in the background; I do love winter trees but I am looking forward to seeing some leaves now, it's been a long time! The stairs at Buxted are beautiful and this image of Nicola floating is a favourite of mine. So here he is, the lord of the manor himself, Dean and now can you see why I got excited about his wedding outfit, he looks brilliant and it really suits this shot, and for effect a cigar that is very befitting of his status :) Last but not least today I wanted to show an image that showcases the many chandeliers that Buxted has; I have photographed ceremonies in both the Library and the Coat of Arms room now and they really do add that element of grandeur to your day. This image shows grandeur but with the warm welcome that awaits anyone who walks through the doors at Buxted Park. I must just mention the great one himself, Marc who is ably assisted by his "older" brother Phil (sorry Phil). Between them they really do make sure you have the most wonderful wedding day and I always leave the venue longing to return.

Have a great weekend folks and whatever you are doing, have fun!

Claire :)

Weddings at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Sixteen

This week is a pre wedding photography shoot at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex. These shoots are to really help get rid of those photography jitters and to have some fun before the big day. It was a bit windy and we decided that our version of Marylin was in order!

Wedding Photography at the Norfolk Arms Arundel West Sussex - Ellen and Andrew

Good Afternoon Folks,

I was recently with Ellen and Andrew for their pre wedding photography in Arundel, West Sussex. They are getting married in the most beautiful little church, St Leonard's in South Stoke, which is just outside Arundel. The Norfolk Arms in Arundel is a hotel full of character just situated on the High Street with Arundel Castle as its backdrop; how fabulous.

We had a bright and sunny albeit chilly day for the shoot and it was wonderful to stroll around Arundel looking for interesting places for the wedding day. The roads leading to the church are very special to Andrew as he spent many hours as a young boy cycling around them. So I think it is really lovely that he will be able to add to his already wonderful memories the day he marries Ellen.

So on to today's images; the first image I love because the backdrop is so textured and interesting; it was Andrew who mentioned this to me and what an eye he has; well done Andrew :) I love the second image and to me this is what the pre wedding shoot is all about; banishing those photography nerves and having some fun. Last but not least another little nook that we discovered for the wedding day and I have some plans here, but I just love this tender moment, yup it was -2 and I think Andrew's lips may have frozen to Ellen's hair, but hey that's what love is!

Have a great weekend folks; I am busy editing here but I might, just might go wild and hang some washing out in a minute...oh yeah life on the edge!


Weddings at St George's Hill Lawn Tennis Club Weybridge Surrey - Image of the Week

Week Fifteen

Back to wedding photography this week at St Georges Hill Lawn Tennis Club Weybridge Surrey. I have chosen this image partly becuase it was a sunny, warm day and I am hoping after such a lovely albeit a little cold weekend we have some of these to come. I also love it because the light was peeking through as and the softness of the image is as soft and floaty as Katie's dress.

Goodwood Hotel Documentary Wedding Photographers at Glorious Goodwood West Sussex - Kelly and Paul

Good Morning Folks,

I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding at the Goodwood Hotel at Glorious Goodwood West Sussex of Kelly and Paul. The day was bitterly cold but the rain stayed away! We were a little disappointed as the estate was closed for the day due to the re-surfacing of the road ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. It really hit home how much planning there is for this event!

The wedding day started in Billingshurst, West Sussex and the house was full of excitement of the wonderful day ahead. We then headed over to Goodwood to see the boys and capture some images before Paul had his interview. Kelly arrived with her Dad and the Bridesmaids looking gorgeous and the whole day was full of happiness and fun. The reception room was like something out of Narnia; absolutely gorgeous.

We did manage to get outside for some portraiture and also the group shots, we had the blanket at hand to make sure Kelly was nice and cosy though; this was definitely not the weather to be bearing one's shoulders for too long!

I have photographed a number of weddings over the last two weeks and the weather has been wildly different for each one. Part of being an experienced professional wedding photographer is being completely unfazed by our glorious but changeable weather and turning what some would see a disadvantage into some lovely images that are as individual as the couple you are photographing. Being unfazed though is borne from extensive training and experience of being the sole photographer at many weddings. Oh stop yakking Claire and get on with chatting about today's images I hear you say; so without further ado here we go.

This image makes me just smile; this was the moment that Kelly and Paul were pronounced Husband and Wife and Kelly face just beams. This is the most important part of the day and the joy and relief when all has run smoothly is really evident here. I love image two and the steps leading up to the Whiskey bar caught my eye at the pre-wedding shoot; I just knew that Kelly had to look magnificent here. The first dance is always a part of the day I enjoy photographing, it is such a intimate moment and a time to share a few moments together to reflect on what a wonderful day it has been. The love between Kelly and Paul just oozes from this image and I always like to light these images to hone in on the intimate nature of what I am photographing. Last but not least something that is always important in any wedding day, the first official images as Husband and Wife.

I am furiously editing weddings here, remembering, giggling and shedding the odd tear and so pleased that I was chosen to be a part of the couples' big day.

Have a great week folks,

Claire :)

East Grinstead West Sussex Portrait Photographers - Image of the Week

Week Fourteen

I thought it was about time we popped a studio image into the mix and here is a very simply lit classical portrait. The lighting is very soft an enveloping, which matches the quiet mood of Will. The warmer tones gives a painted feel to the image. This was achieved entirely 'in camera' with very little post production.

Wedding Photography at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Emma and Andy

Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Emma and Andy at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex. Their wedding day was gorgeous and featured some wonderful West Sussex Wedding suppliers too.

The whole event took place at the hotel and as usual the service from the team on the day was exceptional. Emma looked absolutely amazing in an Emma Tindley Couture silk gown; it is no secret that I think Emma's dresses are brilliant and as her official photographer I photograph them often but it was lovely to have one at a real wedding. It moved beautifully as I knew it would and was a joy to see. Designer Emma is also an accomplished florist having trained under the best, Jane Packer and she also did bride Emma's flowers on the day. How great is that as she was able to tailor the flowers to match the dress perfectly. Alsion J Smith from Bridal Beauty did Emma's hair and make-up along with the girls hair. Again I know Alsion's work well and she is designer Emma's resident hair and make-up expert; her work is always beautiful and today was no exception. Last but not least we have the beautiful cakes from La Maision des Petits Gateaux; I have also produced the imagery for Amanda's website so it was again a joy to see her creations at a real wedding. I was allowed to take a cakey home and it tasted divine. Obviously I have to ensure that the cake is up to standard against many of Amanda's cakes I have eaten and I am pleased to say folks it did. It really is a tough job but someone has to get out there and do it ;). There is an image showcasing some of the cakes from the day on my facebook page if you want to pop along and have a look.

So let's get back to Emma and Andy! The day was fun, silly, happy, emotional and just lovely. We had so much fun on the pre-wedding shoot I just knew I would be laughing all day. We had some funny moments at the lake when the buggy got stuck in the mud, we all had to off load apart from Emma and I really thought that it would be a case of us all pushing but luckily enough our lovely driver backed up and got some momentum going, Andy was last seen chasing the buggy with his wife in it! Emma thinks it was pay back for laughing at me being a 'wuss' at the pre-wedding shoot :)

So now to today's images. I just love this image of Emma with the bridesmaids and the little girl in the front is their beautiful daughter Amber, who trumps me for asking questions; she is just adorable. Image two is Andy with their son Oscar, he was so funny in one of the shots when he managed to replicate what I thought was an unattainable pose, well I now know it is possible...just! Image three is of Emma having a quiet moment in her room just before the marriage, we all think she looks like Bridget Bardot. Last but not least, the lake before the buggy shenanigans; the light here was lovely and I loved the way it glistened on the water.

We decided not to have a normal cake shot, ours was definitely the carry on version so I think you can probably imagine that the day contained mostly sniggering with double entendres!!!

Have a great week folks and looking forward to catching up with you all later.

Claire :)