Good Morning Folks,

I was recently at South Lodge Hotel for the pre wedding photography shoot of Debbie and Matt. The rain was incessant but that did not hamper our fun! We had a lovely wander around the hotel to get some ideas for the day and the rain abated just a little bit so we could venture outside. The initial plan was to use umbrellas but the strong winds put pay to that idea. As this was not an actual wedding day and dresses weren’t involved the intrepid gang decided to just go for it and have some fun.

The images today show mainly the outside just because we were giggling like children when doing some of the shots and looking at them makes me smile. The first image today was taken inside; South Lodge is one of those venues that has it all for both wet and dry days, so if you get married there folks, the weather will not be a problem. We fly in the face of wind and rain, yes it was time to go outside, but I stress this is something that may not have been at the top of Debbie’s list had it been on her actual wedding day. The pre-wedding shoots are all about fun, being a bit silly and relaxing in front of the camera so we just went for it! Image two is a nice stroll along the drive, then piggyback time! I discovered this little nook when looking for somewhere that would be a possible outside shot and this was lovely and dry. The huge vagaries of the weather in this country are great because something always appears that may have been overseen otherwise and this little nook is no exception. I love the shape of the branches behind too, it reminds me of something out of a fairytale. Last but not least just a bit of silly fun, we were mucking about trying to get the ‘kick’ correct. When Debbie did it Matt didn’t and vice versa. We were double up with laughter and was one of the visitors to the hotel was most intrigued at what we were up to!

It was a beautiful day for my wedding yesterday and this week sees album ordering and wedding editing for me. Have a great week folks and looking forward to catching up with you all later.

Claire 🙂