Wakehurst Place Weddings, Ardingly, West Sussex - Rachel and Jamie: Wedding Photographers Wakehurst Place

Wakehurst Place Weddings Ardingly West Sussex

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Good Evening Folks,

Well rain can be fun; despite having lashings of it Rachel, Jame and I decided we would embrace the weather and have some fun! We had a great day in the mansion house at Wakehurst Place, which is just the most gorgeous venue. Whatever the weather throws at us this venue will never disappoint. When you get married at Wakehurst Place you have exclusivity of the whole mansion so the photographic opportunities are endless in there. The grounds go on for ever, but most importantly, if today is anything to go by, there are all sort of nooks and crannies we can go to that are covered to be able to do some photography outside without getting soaked to bits.

It was lovely chatting with Rachel and Jamie about their big day and we have some great shots planned that I got excited about, so cannot wait to do those. I always like to see an image of the bridal gown before the wedding so that I can plan the type of shots that would look good with that style, we have some real drama planned for Rachel's gown and poor old Jamie wondered what on earth was going on when Rachel and I talked in code!

Have a lovely evening all, I am putting the finishing touches to Emma's shoot also at Wakehurst Place so a busy old week for me!


Maids to Measure, London at Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, West Sussex: West Sussex Photographers London Photographers

Good Morning All,

Well what a mad and wonderful day yesterday. Emma Tindley, Maids to Measure, Reveries, Alison J Smith, Four Seasons Floral design, Broadleys, Susan Harrison, Janeymac Cakes and Cake Masion all gathered at the wonderful Wakehurst Place for an exclusive photoshoot. The venue was closed and we had access all areas. I want to say a big, big thank you to the wonderful Katie Ratcliffe, the Events Manager at Wakehurst Place for having us at Wakehurst and you will see her popping up in the imagery; when you have gorgeousness like Katie on your doorstep you will be a fool not to make the most of her!

The weather decided to give us some challenges and I had several 'hair washes' during the day, not a pretty sight. Now it is time to start the edit but I wanted to post an image of a Maids to Measure dress amongst the early blooming wisteria. Yes folks it was absolutely lashing down with rain when we took this and I cannot thank both Adrian (my husband) and Andrew a brilliant friend for helping me out. They were jumping in an out of each shot with the 'brollies to ensure that 'spoffy' was as dry as she could be.

If you want to see one of Emma's dresses then click here to have a sneaky peek.

Have a great day all,


Portrait Photographers West Sussex - Paula and Sophie: West Sussex Portrait Photography

Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently had a wonderful portrait session with Paula and Sophie; I was quite shocked at how much Sophie had grown since Paula and Hugh's wedding in 2009! It was at that moment I realised how time flies as it did not seem like 5 minutes since she was that little girl in a gorgeous bridesmaid's dress who was so excited to receive her own ring on their wedding day. There is always something that makes me cry when I photograph a wedding and it was when Hugh gave Sophie the ring; stop it Claire otherwise you will just blub again!!!

The session was a mixture of high and mid to low key photography; I have posted one high key image that I just love of them both and an image of Paula and Sophie looking just stunning.

Hugh, I think I can safely say now is the time to panic as Sophie is growing up from an adorable child into a beautiful young lady.

I hope you all had a great weekend; I have knuckled down and it's edit, edit, edit for me today.


Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wellls, Kent - Donna and Craig: Kent Wedding Photographers

Good Morning Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding in Kent of Donna and Craig at the magnificent Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. They were married in The Spa Hotel's Orangery, which was so light and airy. On our pre-wedding shoot we planned for a particular shot in the Orangery of Donna; this had to be done in super quick time as the room needed to be changed for the reception. I love it when a plan comes together and thanks to the fabulous Deniz the hotel manager we were able to get the shot and I just love it. I am not posting it on here today as I want it to have an impact when Donna and Craig have their viewing.

Today's imagery is one of Donna just before the ceremony and the light shows off her Jenny Packham dress beautifully, the other is such a fun shot as they danced down the aisle, and I think you can see that they were a fun couple; so it goes without saying we had some great laughs. The third shot is one from their portraiture session on the bridge; it was a little 'nippy' and I take my hat off to Donna as she soldiered on for the sake of art!

Apologies for the time between blog posts, things have been busy here and I needed to catch up. Rest assured I have lots in the pipeline to blog about later and I hope you keep checking back to see what I have been up to.

I know of at least two people who read my ramblings! They are both brides for this year who say they always pop in and have a look when it appears on my facebook page; thank you ladies it has inspired me to keep on gabbling!!

Have a great week everyone.


Surrey Hills Hotel, Dorking, Surrey - Dawn and Michael: Surrey Wedding Photographers



Surrey-Hills-Hotel,-Dorking,-Surrey3Good Evening Folks,

I had a great pre-wedding shoot with Dawn, Michael and their lovely family at the <a href="http://www.surreyhillshotel.co.uk/">Surrey Hills Hotel, Dorking.</a> We were very lucky with the weather and managed to have some fun both inside and out.

Dawn was very nervous at first but we soon had her laughing and Michael needed to have his smile eeked out, but again once he relaxed it was as though he had been a model in a past life!

The children are just adorable; Joshua was a very able assistant and was holding my lights for me. He wants to help me out on the day and I think he will make a brilliant second assistant. His Dad reminded him of the all important ring bearer duties that he has to perform first, so make sure you listen to Dad Joshua as I don't want to get into trouble!!

I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend and if you are out and about tonight have loads of fun.

It has been a busy time for me, which is why I am still working on a Saturday night but I think I will treat myself to a nice cup of tea now.... I know how to live on the wild side!


Cisswood House, Lower Beeding - Katherine and Jason: West Sussex Wedding Photographers



Good Evening Folks,

Recently I had a jolly time with Katherine and Jason at their wedding venue Cisswood House, Lower Beeding, West Sussex. I really do enjoy these sessions as it gives me the opportunity to get to know my lovely couples a little better, have some fun and generally lark about for an hour or so!

Needless to say we had a great time exploring the grounds of the hotel and they have the most wonderful archway of trees that should be in full bloom on their wedding day. I have decided to post one image of them together and thought a little portraiture might be in order today. I really do love the image of Katherine in the window; she looks so beautiful and I cannot wait to see her on her wedding day. Jason looks very relaxed in the grounds for his portraiture shot, all in all I think I can safely say that you are both very relaxed in front of the camera.

I have another shoot lined up for my secret project this week and I am enjoying it immensely. I am nearly up to date with my editing so I shall tackle the joys of book keeping I think; the excitement is just too much!

Enjoy your week folks and for those of you who have given up chocolate for lent must be counting the days now.