Good Evening Folks,

Well rain can be fun; despite having lashings of it Rachel, Jame and I decided we would embrace the weather and have some fun! We had a great day in the mansion house at Wakehurst Place, which is just the most gorgeous venue. Whatever the weather throws at us this venue will never disappoint. When you get married at Wakehurst Place you have exclusivity of the whole mansion so the photographic opportunities are endless in there. The grounds go on for ever, but most importantly, if today is anything to go by, there are all sort of nooks and crannies we can go to that are covered to be able to do some photography outside without getting soaked to bits.

It was lovely chatting with Rachel and Jamie about their big day and we have some great shots planned that I got excited about, so cannot wait to do those. I always like to see an image of the bridal gown before the wedding so that I can plan the type of shots that would look good with that style, we have some real drama planned for Rachel’s gown and poor old Jamie wondered what on earth was going on when Rachel and I talked in code!

Have a lovely evening all, I am putting the finishing touches to Emma’s shoot also at Wakehurst Place so a busy old week for me!