Street Photography with the Olympus OMD - Image of the Week

Week Thirty One

Good Afternoon Folks,

Something a little personal today from the Olympus OMD; I haven't posted about this little camera for a while so I thought it was high time I showed some more work dedicated to this little marvel. I use the Olympus OMD for all pre wedding photography shoots now and it is also used alongside my Nikons on a wedding day and always makes it into the studio. As you can see this little camera is quite happy to work with my Nikons and they are pleased of the extra time off!!!

Today's image was taken on a walkabout in Boston, MA. I do love street photography but it really does take some time to get used to capturing people going about their day rather than at a wedding or in a studio environment. Perfecting this discipline really does help in my professional capacity and is really quite a relaxing and tranquil way to take photographs. I love this image because the lady is just chilling at the water's edge and catching up with her correspondence. There is so much narrative in the image, she has kicked off her shoes and socks and this time was obviously planned as she brought the cool box to ensure her drinkies were super cool and delicious. This lady is at peace with herself as she writes and listens to the gentle lapping of the water and chink of the yacht masts...lovely :) Oh and check out the brolly; if it rains she's not going anywhere!

This image was taken on the Olympus OMD at 200 iso with the Panasonic 45-200 (90-400) 3.5-5.6 lens. A little beauty that I have enjoyed using very much.

I hope you all have a very chilled day after looking at this,

Claire :)

The Bluebell Railway East Grinstead West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Thirty


This week's image was inspired from a chat with one of my lovely couples last week; they love the Bluebell Railway and we were talking about how great it is now that the line has been extended to East Grinstead. The inaugural journey was back in March this year and I treated my parents to a trip on this auspicious occasion. I took some images on the day so I thought why not post one here today. The one I have chosen is of those magnificent steam trains finally going over the viaduct; when hopped off at East Grinstead then rushed around to the viaduct to watch the train chuff, chuff over. My friend Mands (La Maison des Petits Gateaux, and quite possibly the best cake maker in the entire world) says it reminds her of the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter; happy days!

I picked a mahoosive amount of cherries in the rain yesterday; cherry fest has now started, it's official :)

Claire :)

Emma Tindley Bridal Boutique at South Lodge - Image of the Week


Week Twenty Four

This wedding photography detail shot was taken at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex and showcases our very own Emma Tindley, Designer extraordinaire. I have chosen a detail shot this week because it is so lovely to take images of all those special things before they get worn or opened. There is nothing quite so perfect as the dress and shoes hanging beautifully waiting for their bride to enjoy them. Emma looked fantastic in her dress and she just loved wearing it and I think she felt extra special because her dress was made just for her by Emma her designer and yes we had Emma the Bride and Emma the Designer, so no confusion there then! Your wedding dress is probably going to be the most special dress you will ever wear, so for the experience to be unique and special just adds to the joy of wearing it. When you go to see Emma it is all about the dress and your couture experience from the very first visit, watching your gown evolve with every visit to the ultimate moment....wearing it and walking up the aisle to meet the man you will spend the rest of your life with.

Pregnancy Photographers in East Grinstead West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Twenty Two



I missed a week...whoops! I have chosen this pregnancy portrait this week because it is amazing to think there is a new little life in that perfectly formed bump and once your gorgeous newborn arrives how on earth to wonder how on earth did they fit in there! Lots of pregnant Mums shy away from having their bump photographed and I know it is not for everyone, but the ones I have photographed are always so pleased they have the images to look back on because once little 'bubs' is born they all say they forget so quickly what it was like to be pregnant and looking back at these images reminds them. When photographing bumps one has to be so careful with the light, I like to show how beautiful, curvaceous and perfectly formed they are; the wrong lighting will make them look flat and not as beautiful, resulting in the perception that most have of their bump, which is just not true.

So for all you pregnant Mums out there, this image is for you to remind you of the amazing job you are doing in nurturing this little life but managing to look absolutely gorgeous at the same time :)


East Grinstead Portrait Photographers - Image of the Week

Week Twenty


Well something a little different this week and what prompted me to choose this image? This is the very beautiful Georgie and I have often photographed both Georgie and her twin sister Harriet; they have always been great volunteering to model when I am experimenting with a particular style. Last week Georgie and Harry had their school prom and to see them looking so grown up and even more beautiful that usual made me cry; I had already cried my eyes out when I saw Katie looking equally as beautiful so all in all a bit of an emotional day! This was from one of those experimental shoots and I like it, so in tribute to Georgie, Harry and Katie who are busy taking exams and looking forward to a summer of freedom before the next exciting stage of their lives, this is for you :) xx

Weddings at Herstmonceux Castle Herstmonceux East Sussex - Image of the Week


Week Ninteen

I thought I would keep with the Herstmonceux Castle theme this week! I always love the ring exchange during a wedding service, it is such a symbolic moment when the registrar or vicar describes the rings as having no beginning or end; they are forever. Francisco made a beautiful declaration to Gabrielle during their service and this was the moment it was said as he held the ring just before he placed it on Gabrielle's finger...lovely :) I was chatting last night about photography and we were discussing if you miss things; or are moments diluted when looking through the camera. There have been a few occasions recently where the power of the moment has been magnified because I am looking through the camera; everything around is not there just this one powerful moment and I press the shutter and I am blown away. I cannot believe I have been so privileged to record and witness that moment so intensely.

Kirsty Jayne Floral Designs West Sussex - Image of the week

Week Eighteen

I was having a look through some commercial stuff the other day and came across some images I produced for Kirsty Jayne Floral Designs. I remembered just how beautiful her arrangements were and the wonderful smells that wafted around the studio during the shoot. Here is a sample just to give you a taster.

Weddings at The Felbridge Hotel East Grinstead West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Seventeen

I thought I would keep the Pre-Wedding theme going this week and this is one from The Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, West Sussex. I wanted to demonstrate how relaxed Shelley and Matt were in front of the camera. On the day my Brides and Grooms are much more confident and relaxed in front of the camera as they have something to visualise from the pre-wedding shoot. I love this shot as again I am being silly behind the camera (seems to be the norm!) and this is the resultant laughter. I do love a bit of silliness it it so much fun ;)

Weddings at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Image of the Week

Week Sixteen

This week is a pre wedding photography shoot at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex. These shoots are to really help get rid of those photography jitters and to have some fun before the big day. It was a bit windy and we decided that our version of Marylin was in order!

Weddings at St George's Hill Lawn Tennis Club Weybridge Surrey - Image of the Week

Week Fifteen

Back to wedding photography this week at St Georges Hill Lawn Tennis Club Weybridge Surrey. I have chosen this image partly becuase it was a sunny, warm day and I am hoping after such a lovely albeit a little cold weekend we have some of these to come. I also love it because the light was peeking through as and the softness of the image is as soft and floaty as Katie's dress.