Henk Van Kooten Seminar

I attended an all day seminar with Henk Van Kooten yesterday. I always love going to these events as it is always a good opportunity to catch up have a good old chat with my fellow photographers, in addition to listening to some truly inspirational speakers.

Henk Van Kooten is a Dutch photographer and his style of photography is truly amazing and it is not hard to tell the story and inspiration behind each image, although a couple had me baffled, but I am sure that was the intention!

It was a full day and the work he showed us was only the tip of the iceberg. The day ended with one of the most moving slideshows I have ever seen. At the end there was lots of blinking and looking up at the ceiling and I commend him for tackling this sensitive area is such a beautiful if heart wrenching way.

Back to work today and trying to absorb all the information that was imparted yesterday.

Hope everyone has the most wonderful bank holiday weekend.


Masters of Light Seminar - Leamington Spa

Good Morning,

I must say the weather over the last week has been absolutely glorious and some days felt more like May than March. The sunny days have definitely given me a spring in my step!

I travelled to Leamington Spa this weekend to attend a Masters of Light Seminar with three very eminent and fabulous photographers. Martin Grahame-Dunn, Kevin Wilson and Oz Kharawala presented a two day programme covering a wide spectrum of subjects and I have so much from the weekend to take away with me.

I was hoping that the weekend would help to clarify the next step in my photographic journey and I had some ideas prior to the weekend. It is amazing how these things really take shape and I now have the theme in my mind, so it is just a matter of executing it now! This week sees me much more office based apart from a very special studio sitting on Wednesday, and I hope to chat with my mentor Kevin Pengelly to go through my ideas with him.

Have a wonderful week and now the clocks have moved forward I feel like summer is on its way and as each day I see some more wonderful flora and fauna waking up from its long winter sleep; how wonderful!



Welcome to July! It has been a really busy June for me and I still have a few things to put on my blog, so hopefully you will see these popping up during the course of the month. I had an extremely interesting day at the MPA South East Region seminar and regional awards yesterday. Desi Fontaine gave a wonderful talk on her work and career. She also explained in more detail the judging process for the competitions, which for me was very interesting.

I have only just joined the MPA and I am currently preparing for my DiP PP and Licentiate with them. Only qualified members of the association are permitted to enter competitions, so I had the wonderful opportunity to assist Desi and Claire Louise with the admin during the judging process. For me this was an absolute honour and a wonderful insight into the whole process; and at the same time to see such a vast array of brilliant photography. I kept saying to myself how lucky am I!!

I am raring to go this morning!!

Enjoy July and let's hope the glorious weather continues.