Good Morning,

I must say the weather over the last week has been absolutely glorious and some days felt more like May than March. The sunny days have definitely given me a spring in my step!

I travelled to Leamington Spa this weekend to attend a Masters of Light Seminar with three very eminent and fabulous photographers. Martin Grahame-Dunn, Kevin Wilson and Oz Kharawala presented a two day programme covering a wide spectrum of subjects and I have so much from the weekend to take away with me.

I was hoping that the weekend would help to clarify the next step in my photographic journey and I had some ideas prior to the weekend. It is amazing how these things really take shape and I now have the theme in my mind, so it is just a matter of executing it now! This week sees me much more office based apart from a very special studio sitting on Wednesday, and I hope to chat with my mentor Kevin Pengelly to go through my ideas with him.

Have a wonderful week and now the clocks have moved forward I feel like summer is on its way and as each day I see some more wonderful flora and fauna waking up from its long winter sleep; how wonderful!