I attended an all day seminar with Henk Van Kooten yesterday. I always love going to these events as it is always a good opportunity to catch up have a good old chat with my fellow photographers, in addition to listening to some truly inspirational speakers.

Henk Van Kooten is a Dutch photographer and his style of photography is truly amazing and it is not hard to tell the story and inspiration behind each image, although a couple had me baffled, but I am sure that was the intention!

It was a full day and the work he showed us was only the tip of the iceberg. The day ended with one of the most moving slideshows I have ever seen. At the end there was lots of blinking and looking up at the ceiling and I commend him for tackling this sensitive area is such a beautiful if heart wrenching way.

Back to work today and trying to absorb all the information that was imparted yesterday.

Hope everyone has the most wonderful bank holiday weekend.