Good Afternoon Folks,

They say variety is the spice of life, so I am thinking a little blog spice is in order today in the form of some newborn photography taken in our very own East Grinstead.

You met Summer Lily as a bump last week and she was being cuddled by her Sister. Now meet Summer Lily and welcome to the world! It is so exciting when I get to meet the gorgeous baby behind the bump and Summer did not disappoint. We had a wonderfully calm session and I have chosen some close ups to show you today.

Ideally newborn photography is best when your little ‘Bubs’ is 1-2 weeks old. Once that time has passed the newborn stage begins to pass and your little one starts to gain more strength so some of the chilled out newborn poses become a little more difficult to achieve. Not impossible but this stage passes so quickly it would be a shame to miss having a record of that special newborn time.

I just love this first image; Summer is full of contentment and peace. The second is of her little teddy bear and she is holding him so tightly as she sleeps the sleep of the peaceful. Lastly and warm black and white image of one chilled little girl!

I hope you all had a great weekend; Autumn is truly upon us now so do you have anything spooky in store for this week?

Claire 🙂