Good Morning All,

Happy Saturday and the first full weekend of 2012! Today’s imagery was taken just before Christmas of three lovely children Will, Dan and Isobel. We had a great session of some high and mid key photography and the aim was to produce some imagery to give as a surprise gift to their Nan. I was most impressed as we had a sausage roll break half way through, which I might add were homemade. I must say I am thinking of incorporating this into all studio sessions! It was definitely a first for me 🙂

Julie, Steve and Karen have chosen a beautiful frame for Nan and it will be presented as a surprise birthday gift today. I was so pleased that we were able to get everything done in time as we all knew that it was going to be tight; it has made my weekend though. Many thanks to my suppliers for being fabulous as usual, they pulled out all the stops to ensure that I could pick it up myself yesterday. Julie is going to report back but she said there will be tears for sure….I love my job.

I have chosen three images all from the mid key session; Isobel’s image has muted colour tones, Will’s is in full colour and Dan’s image is full black and white. Look out for a compilation that will be called ‘the many faces of Isobel’ on my facebook business page. I did my first one of these back in August, 2011 called ‘the many faces of Jess’ and they do make me laugh.

Whatever you are up to this weekend…enjoy; I am having a weekend off and we will be catching up with some friends this evening.