Good Evening Folks,

I recently had a lovely session photographing the beautiful Yas. We started the session with high key as Yas needed some headshots then it was what I like doing best; creating a mood. I have photographed Yas a number of times now and she is just adorable, she has the sweetest disposition and to work with her is always a pleasure. She has also participated in my secret project that took us to a lovely location too.

I have chosen three images all from the ‘moody’ session; one in colour and two in varying black and whites. These images have had very little post production and all the work was done in the studio and camera, so what you see here is just simple, pure imagery. I am going to get some printed on a new paper that was delivered today that has a very warm tone to it. I produced the .icm profile this morning so I am all ready to go.

I am certainly feeling the cold snap that we are having and I keep telling myself it is good for the garden; not sure my chicken agrees with me though!