Weddings at Worth Abbey Balcombe West Sussex- Rachel-Emily and Theo

weddings-at-worth-abbey-balcombe-west-sussex-wedding-photographers weddings-at-worth-abbey-balcombe-west-sussex-wedding-photographers2 weddings-at-worth-abbey-balcombe-west-sussex-wedding-photographers3 weddings-at-worth-abbey-balcombe-west-sussex-wedding-photographers4 weddings-at-worth-abbey-balcombe-west-sussex-wedding-photographers5

Good Afternoon Folks,

The light for the pre wedding photography shoot with Rachel-Emily and Theo in Balcombe was sublime; there was a richness to the light that was just beautiful to work with. Rachel-Emily and Theo are having their wedding at Worth Abbey and then their wedding day celebrations will be back at Rachel-Emily's family home in Balcombe. Our pre wedding shoot took place there and it really is just stunning; I couldn't contain my excitement as we wandered around taking photographs and chatting about the big day. I was also pleased on a personal level as I understood some of the French being spoken; happy days or heureux jours ;)

Alors, les photos pour aujourd hui; I do love a rustic scene with lots of long, wild grass growing. It reminds me of all that is typical about Sussex and Kent, which are just beautiful counties to live in. The richness of the evening light really adds some depth to this image and is just wistful as Rachel-Emily and Theo enjoy being together. J'adore cette photo; it is so carefree and reminds me of days where things were so much simpler and lovely. There was little great little ramshackle building that caught my eye as soon as I drove down the drive, the textures both inside and out were wonderful, we popped inside to capture this image. I also took an image of Theo and wow just look at him at the window with the cobwebs, what a fantastic space :) Last but not least let me introduce you to Jacques; he loved coming for a walk and he was easy to find in the long grass; just look for the black tail! He really is lovely and adores Rachel-Emily and Theo as you can see from this image with Rachel-Emily. I think he is going to have a wonderful time on the big day too.

Cherry fest is still with us and has been joined by tomato and runner bean fest...fabulous!

A bientot tout le monde :)


Weddings at Wakehurst Place Ardingly West Sussex - Laura and Mark

intimate-weddings-at-wakehurst-place-ardingly-west-sussex intimate-weddings-at-wakehurst-place-ardingly-west-sussex2 intimate-weddings-at-wakehurst-place-ardingly-west-sussex3 intimate-weddings-at-wakehurst-place-ardingly-west-sussex4 intimate-weddings-at-wakehurst-place-ardingly-west-sussex5

Good Evening Folks,

A Wakehurst Place pre wedding photography shoot in West Sussex is being featured this evening and let me introduce you to the lovely Laura and Mark. We had lots of fun on the day and it was good to also discuss and iron out some of the finer points prior to the big day and what we were going to do photographically at this beautiful venue. As usual the planning of their day was absolutely tip top headed by Katie and her brilliant team.

I have photographed at Wakehurst a number of times before and there is so much here I am not sure that I would ever be at a loss of somewhere new to explore. On our travels we have found some new little nooks to use on the big day, as usual it will now be down to the great British weather, so be kind to us....please :) To be honest what ever happens weather wise on the day it will not matter as the mansion has other places I also want to explore too!

On to today's images first up Laura looking just beautiful at the gate to the formal gardens; she has a grace and poise that really shines through in this image. I always like a bit of silly piggy back fun; it is not something that will happen on the day itself but is a great laugh on the pre wedding shoot. I loved this sequence of images , so sensitive and loving; the light was beautiful and was enhanced by the dappled light in the background to give a texture and depth to the image. Just look at the vibrancy of the skies, the richness of the trees and foliage, I do love a stroll in an English country garden and Laura's dress fits in wonderfully here. Ahh last but certainly not least, I love this image of Mark; when I took it on the day it took my breath away; both Laura and I think he looks very majestic and commanding; oh happy days cannot wait for the big day now :)

Have a great week folks; I am still in the midst of cherry fest. For those of you that don't know every year we go and pick our cherry tree at Rent a Cherry in Northiam; cherry fest then commences and I love it!!!

Claire :)


Street Photography with the Olympus OMD - Image of the Week

Week Thirty One

Good Afternoon Folks,

Something a little personal today from the Olympus OMD; I haven't posted about this little camera for a while so I thought it was high time I showed some more work dedicated to this little marvel. I use the Olympus OMD for all pre wedding photography shoots now and it is also used alongside my Nikons on a wedding day and always makes it into the studio. As you can see this little camera is quite happy to work with my Nikons and they are pleased of the extra time off!!!

Today's image was taken on a walkabout in Boston, MA. I do love street photography but it really does take some time to get used to capturing people going about their day rather than at a wedding or in a studio environment. Perfecting this discipline really does help in my professional capacity and is really quite a relaxing and tranquil way to take photographs. I love this image because the lady is just chilling at the water's edge and catching up with her correspondence. There is so much narrative in the image, she has kicked off her shoes and socks and this time was obviously planned as she brought the cool box to ensure her drinkies were super cool and delicious. This lady is at peace with herself as she writes and listens to the gentle lapping of the water and chink of the yacht masts...lovely :) Oh and check out the brolly; if it rains she's not going anywhere!

This image was taken on the Olympus OMD at 200 iso with the Panasonic 45-200 (90-400) 3.5-5.6 lens. A little beauty that I have enjoyed using very much.

I hope you all have a very chilled day after looking at this,

Claire :)

Weddings at Wakehurst Place Ardingly West Sussex - Isabel and Neil

weddings-at-wakehurst-place-west-sussex-intimate-wedding-venue-for-kew-gardens4weddings-at-wakehurst-place-west-sussex-intimate-wedding-venue-for-kew-gardens weddings-at-wakehurst-place-west-sussex-intimate-wedding-venue-for-kew-gardens2 weddings-at-wakehurst-place-west-sussex-intimate-wedding-venue-for-kew-gardens3

Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the beautiful wedding venue Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, West Sussex for the wedding photography of Isabel and Neil.

The whole emphasis for Isabel and Neil's day was to be able to relax and really enjoy the ambience of Wakehurst Place with their two gorgeous boys.

We had a lovely stroll around the grounds before heading in to the dining room for a sumptuous feast lovingly created by one of Wakehurst's approved caterers...yummy!

The day was very bright and this is always a challenge for photographers as the light is very harsh and directional. Experienced photographers are not at all fazed by this and will know how to handle this so that the images are flattering with beautiful shadows. With this type of light it is all to easy to have nasty shadows and panda eyes, not nice for your day that has been so long in the planning.

Enough of my pontificating and on to today's images. I love this one with Isabel, Neil and their two boys. It is so atmospheric and an example of beautiful shadows as one of their boys looks out at a tree he might be itching to climb later :) Just in front of the magnificent manor house the outside games are laid out for some fun in the sun; image two shows the moment that the giant jenga toppled; the team at Wakehurst headed by the brilliant Katie Ratcliffe really do think of everything. Isabel and Neil were having a sneaky kiss by the lake and this image really does show the vibrant blue skies and stunning scenery that is presents itself at every turn. I just love the formal gardens as they have some wonderful leading lines and architectural features; here is Isabel and Neil having a quiet stroll before heading into the mansion to join their guests.

I had a lovely day off yesterday after Saturday's hilarious wedding, which had me laughing so much my sides hurt; more of that in their blog post though!

I hope you are all enjoying a very British summer with an ice cream or two...

Claire :)

Lewes Registry Office - Louise and Richard: East Sussex Wedding Photographers

Good Afternoon to everyone in the wonderful world of blogs,

I cannot quite believe that it is Thursday already; I am busily editing the weddings of the last two weeks and after a quick cherry break I am back at it!

I recently photographed the wedding of Louise and Richard at Lewes Registry Office and the beautiful house also boasts some gorgeous grounds in which to capture some lovely moments. We had a nice stroll around the park on what was a beautiful summer's day (can I hear scoffing somewhere; if so I wouldn't blame you). It was then back to a garden reception chez nous for some wonderful food and the most amazing array of cake. I gave it my best shot to try all of it, but darn it I missed the carrot and chocolate cake...gutted!

I am posing four images today all taken in the park after their marriage. The first is a voyeuristic type of shot and I wanted to capture a tender moment amongst the weeping willows, the second is of Louise looking fabulous, the third just the four of them and I love the adoring looks in this image. Last but not least is an image again just capturing a tender moment. Yep I bet you can guess; I loved that hat!

I may post again tomorrow, ahead of this weekend's weddings, so apologies for the posts tumbling on top of each other like this.

Enjoy your evening and I will be in touch soon folks,

Claire :)