Good Afternoon Folks,

The light for the pre wedding photography shoot with Rachel-Emily and Theo in Balcombe was sublime; there was a richness to the light that was just beautiful to work with. Rachel-Emily and Theo are having their wedding at Worth Abbey and then their wedding day celebrations will be back at Rachel-Emily’s family home in Balcombe. Our pre wedding shoot took place there and it really is just stunning; I couldn’t contain my excitement as we wandered around taking photographs and chatting about the big day. I was also pleased on a personal level as I understood some of the French being spoken; happy days or heureux jours 😉

Alors, les photos pour aujourd hui; I do love a rustic scene with lots of long, wild grass growing. It reminds me of all that is typical about Sussex and Kent, which are just beautiful counties to live in. The richness of the evening light really adds some depth to this image and is just wistful as Rachel-Emily and Theo enjoy being together. J’adore cette photo; it is so carefree and reminds me of days where things were so much simpler and lovely. There was little great little ramshackle building that caught my eye as soon as I drove down the drive, the textures both inside and out were wonderful, we popped inside to capture this image. I also took an image of Theo and wow just look at him at the window with the cobwebs, what a fantastic space 🙂 Last but not least let me introduce you to Jacques; he loved coming for a walk and he was easy to find in the long grass; just look for the black tail! He really is lovely and adores Rachel-Emily and Theo as you can see from this image with Rachel-Emily. I think he is going to have a wonderful time on the big day too.

Cherry fest is still with us and has been joined by tomato and runner bean fest…fabulous!

A bientot tout le monde 🙂