East Grinstead Portrait Photography - Sophie: West Sussex Portrait Photography

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Good Morning lovely ones in the world of blogs,

I recently had a fabulous portrait session with Sophie who as you can see is utterly gorgeous and a pleasure to photograph.

We had a few different things planned for the session but this one was my Audrey Hepburn inspired shot. I felt that Sophie shared the same features as Audrey Hepburn and I think this image demonstrates it nicely. I do love a good hat and this baby resides in the studio so you may see it popping up in various guises in the future!

Whatever you have in store for the rest of the week make sure you have fun. I will be posting an image of Sophie's equally gorgeous Sister<i> </i>Issy soon, and she reminds me of Lady Cybil from Downton Abbey :)

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Gate Street Barn Bramley Surrey Wedding Photography - Kate and Jack: Surrey Wedding Photographers

Good Afternoon Folks,

On a cold, crisp morning where one could see one's breath and the skies were a vibrant blue, it was off to Gate Street Barn Bramley Surrey to meet Kate and Jack for their pre-wedding shoot.

We all had an early start as this venue is chocca block with bookings right through the winter season. I was not disappointed as this venue has many beautiful features inside with lots of lovely scenery outside if the weather behaves itself on the day. No matter because we will have fun whatever it decides to do.

I do love wandering around the venues with my Brides and Grooms because it gives me the chance to have a good chat about their photography, and it is often at these shoots where the seeds of some of my more avant garde shots are born!

Today I am posting five images; the first is a shot I always love, just wandering through our British lanes, the next two are portraits of Kate and Jack and I love these as they are really starting to relax in front of the camera. Kate's parents also popped along for the shoot as they wanted to see the venue again, and yes I insisted they be in a shot ahead of the day. Last but not least a moment looking at the wonderful countryside and I just love the richness of this image that is a combination of vibrancy in the sky, a winter landscape with a magical winter light.

I am nearly ready for Christmas, which probably explains the infrequency of my blog posts! This time of year also has lots of deadlines within the business so I have been making sure that all those Christmas orders will be here in readiness for the big day.

Enjoy the last few days before eating, drinking and being generally merry...hick!

Claire :)

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The Spa Hotel Tunbridge Wells Kent Wedding Photographers - Clare and Chris: Tunbridge Wells Kent Wedding Photography

Good Morning Folks,

As promised I am blogging about Clare and Chris' wedding Photography at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells Kent recently.

The day started in one of the gorgeous suites at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells and it was a haven of calm with a mixture of anticipation and excitement. We had lots of fun capturing this time and then we headed downstairs to capture of images of the boys prior to their interview. We then headed back upstairs (yup it had to be the stairs for the sake of a bit of exercise) to wait for Deniz to arrive to signal that Clare and her Father should make that final walk together.

The day was just lovely; Logan, Clare and Chris' gorgeous, impeccably behaved son executed his best man duties beautifully. They must have been so proud and rightly so.

The day was cold, crisp and a bit wet underfoot so the photography took place in the hotel and we popped outside in the evening to capture a shot that we had been planning since I first meeting last year! The first dance was lovely and after a quick run through behind the scenes it was then to create a sensation on the dance floor; well done gang you were great.

So for today's images I am posting an image taken outside under the lamplight and we all enjoyed the fresh air. Secondly I just love the first kiss, such a romantic moment mixed with relief and I never tire of seeing it. Last but not least the man himself, Logan looking proudly up and two very proud parents looking down; love it!

I am really looking forward to photographing more weddings at The Spa Hotel next year and if Deniz is in charge of the day it will all go swimmingly!

Enjoy your weekend folks; so how many of you are Christmas shopping? I have definitely made a start on mine.

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Suggestion Photography Tunbridge Wells Portrait Photographers - Clare: Tunbridge Wells Portrait Photographers

Portrai Boudoir Photographers Tunbridge Wells Kent3

Portrai Boudoir Photographers Tunbridge Wells Kent2

Portrai Boudoir Photographers Tunbridge Wells Kent
Good Morning Folks,

Ahead of Clare and Chris' wedding imagery I am posting some images from Clare's suggestion session that was a surprise for Chris on their wedding day. It has been hard to keep it a secret as Clare looked fabulous!

As you can see from the imagery that I am posting, the sessions are about what you don't see and I want to echo the glamour Hollywood days of black and white photography and timeless beauty.

I am posting three images today and I think they speak for themselves; all black and white and Clare looks gorgeous in every one, to be honest it was a hard job to decide what not to put in the album.

Later in the week I will be blogging about their beautiful wedding day.

Claire :)
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Brooklands Hotel Weybridge Surrey Wedding Photography - Katy and Andy: Surrey Wedding Photographers



Good Evening Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding in Surrey of Katy and Andy at Brooklands Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey.  On the morning of the wedding I started off in the boys room to witness first hand some topless ironing!  Now set up for the day it was off the the most amazing suite to photograph the girls.

I do love photographing the wedding day preparations and that air of anticipation and excitement is always just so lovely.  It was a hop, skip and a jump from the suite at Brooklands down to the ceremony room where Katy and Andy said their vows to each other.  There was some beautiful singing from a good friend before the newlyweds headed down the aisle.

The whole day was just beautiful; the weather behaved and much fun was had by all.  We had a good time at Mercedes World, which is nearby to Brooklands Hotel.  Andy's face was an absolute picture as he whisked his bride off in the TVR!  Mercedes World with the ANG and TVR's on his wedding day was just heaven for Andy.  I was also able to capture a few of the images that we had been planning on the pre-wedding shoot too.

Today I am posting three images; the first is a stolen moment and the look of love between Katy and Andy is just lovely.  Another confetti image and you just cannot beat a good confetti image.  Last but not least Katy in the TVR; happy days.  I am saving the other images for Andy to see first, his face is a picture!

I hope you had a fabulous bonfire night; my cats weren't too keen on it all and are extremely happy it is all over for another year.

Just to send shivers up your spine the countdown to Christmas has begun and this is one of my favourite times of the year.

Claire :)

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Salomons Tunbridge Wells Kent - Emma and Patrick: Kent Wedding Photographers




Good Morning Folks,

Well it certainly was a treat to be back doing wedding photography at Salomons in Tunbridge Wells Kent. I had a great day photographing the wedding of Emma and Patrick; the wedding day started at Emma's Parent's house in Tunbridge Wells an area I know and love from my childhood days. The house was calm and full of anticipation of the wonderful day that stretched ahead. I then headed off to St Mary's Church Speldhurst Kent where the wedding was due to take place. We had great fun photographing the boys and the wedding service was beautiful. Patrick's Aunt gave a lovely sermon that was so personal.

In between bouts of rain we managed to get outside then it was off to Salomons Tunbridge Wells. The evening was also very special as Emma's father and brother are part of a band called Rumour and they made a special appearance to play at the wedding. They are fantastic so if you ever get the chance to see them it is well worth the effort.

So today I am posting four images, the first is of Emma and Patrick on the bridge; there was lots of dashing to a fro with brollies for these shots! I do love a nice set of stairs and Salomons in no exception, so here is Emma wistfully gliding down them. The third shot makes me laugh, as luck would have it the rain held off until the last shot and then it came down in torrents, to be honest it made for a wonderful photograph so for once the rain didn't ruin things! Last but not least the wonderful Rumour doing their 'thang'!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fireworks; my cats are not sure what to make of them so I think they will be glad when it is all over.

Claire :)
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