Good Morning Folks,

As promised I am blogging about Clare and Chris’ wedding Photography at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells Kent recently.

The day started in one of the gorgeous suites at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells and it was a haven of calm with a mixture of anticipation and excitement. We had lots of fun capturing this time and then we headed downstairs to capture of images of the boys prior to their interview. We then headed back upstairs (yup it had to be the stairs for the sake of a bit of exercise) to wait for Deniz to arrive to signal that Clare and her Father should make that final walk together.

The day was just lovely; Logan, Clare and Chris’ gorgeous, impeccably behaved son executed his best man duties beautifully. They must have been so proud and rightly so.

The day was cold, crisp and a bit wet underfoot so the photography took place in the hotel and we popped outside in the evening to capture a shot that we had been planning since I first meeting last year! The first dance was lovely and after a quick run through behind the scenes it was then to create a sensation on the dance floor; well done gang you were great.

So for today’s images I am posting an image taken outside under the lamplight and we all enjoyed the fresh air. Secondly I just love the first kiss, such a romantic moment mixed with relief and I never tire of seeing it. Last but not least the man himself, Logan looking proudly up and two very proud parents looking down; love it!

I am really looking forward to photographing more weddings at The Spa Hotel next year and if Deniz is in charge of the day it will all go swimmingly!

Enjoy your weekend folks; so how many of you are Christmas shopping? I have definitely made a start on mine.

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