Good Afternoon Folks,

On a cold, crisp morning where one could see one’s breath and the skies were a vibrant blue, it was off to Gate Street Barn Bramley Surrey to meet Kate and Jack for their pre-wedding shoot.

We all had an early start as this venue is chocca block with bookings right through the winter season. I was not disappointed as this venue has many beautiful features inside with lots of lovely scenery outside if the weather behaves itself on the day. No matter because we will have fun whatever it decides to do.

I do love wandering around the venues with my Brides and Grooms because it gives me the chance to have a good chat about their photography, and it is often at these shoots where the seeds of some of my more avant garde shots are born!

Today I am posting five images; the first is a shot I always love, just wandering through our British lanes, the next two are portraits of Kate and Jack and I love these as they are really starting to relax in front of the camera. Kate’s parents also popped along for the shoot as they wanted to see the venue again, and yes I insisted they be in a shot ahead of the day. Last but not least a moment looking at the wonderful countryside and I just love the richness of this image that is a combination of vibrancy in the sky, a winter landscape with a magical winter light.

I am nearly ready for Christmas, which probably explains the infrequency of my blog posts! This time of year also has lots of deadlines within the business so I have been making sure that all those Christmas orders will be here in readiness for the big day.

Enjoy the last few days before eating, drinking and being generally merry…hick!

Claire 🙂

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