I have been waiting for the weather and light to be just right in order to get the exterior shots of Rowfant House as these are going to be used for their new website and printed material, all of which is currently being designed. After a most unusual month of rain, grey cloud and general misery, today offered me just what I wanted. I made my way over to Rowfant House to catch the early morning light and wonderful blue skies. Here are a few images; I particularly like the black and white image but I wanted to pop a colour one in to show you how lovely the skies were this morning. There is another image of the lake, which I rather liked in what I would call subdued colour, and I think the texture and faded colour tone gives it a paint like quality.

I hope you enjoy the images, and have a great weekend as it is set to be hot, hot, hot! I know I will need to take plenty of water with me tomorrow!