Glorious Goodwood West Sussex - Sarah and Mark




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Good Afternoon Folks,

The wedding photography at Glorious Goodwood West Sussex was an extremely fun and romantic day for Sarah and Mark. The day started at Goodwood Hotel where the girls were getting ready and the champagne was flowing; the atmosphere was just lovely and Sarah was so happy to be getting married to her man. The boys were also getting ready at the hotel but they left in plenty of time to get to the church and have a "walk" (note the quotes here, walk = pub) so it meant I could do some interesting detail shots in and around the hotel risk free! We then headed off to St Andrew's Church, Oving, West Sussex where the boys were greeting the arriving guests and we were able to capture a few images before heading back down the path to wait for Sarah, Alan and the girls. Sarah arrived and made her way up the path with her Father and this was such a wonderful moment for reasons known to them. I did feel sorry for poor Mark, we were all primed to go and then I heard, psst, Claire, Claire; I popped over only to find that Sarah's veil was on the wrong way round, so I managed to sort it out and so that the right bit was over Sarah's face but poor Mark must have been wondering what an earth was going on. Usually the organ stopping with a momentary silence is the cue that the Bride has arrived and her walk up the aisle is imminent, that must have been a very long five minutes for Mark!

After the church service is was back to Goodwood for fun and relaxation, the whole day was smashing with Sarah and Mark being so happy and kissing lots and lots, it was a joy to see, you two are just fab!

Here we go with today's image choices; image one is just a nice vista of Goodwood House and shows some of the beautiful grounds that Goodwood has to offer. I do love a good sunset and we thought it was looking a bit hit and miss for a while but suddenly it was go, go, go so we managed to get these shots and immortalise Sarah's Granny's words of "natures paintbox". Ahhh the avenue of trees symmetry, symmetry just love it and here is another of those magical kisses. I loved taking a few shots of this quiet time and this has to be one of my favorites and sums up Sarah and Mark perfectly, I just love it! Ah now, there was lots of fun during the whole meal and this was the end of a particularly funny drinking game of 'I am Spartacus', we thought Kate had won the game but Alan nipped in at the last minute with a one liner that just could not be beaten "I am Spartacus because I AM the Father of the Bride" and those that were present know what Kate's preceding words were....hilarious!

Have a wonderful week folks,

Claire :)

Goodwood Hotel Documentary Wedding Photographers at Glorious Goodwood West Sussex - Kelly and Paul

Good Morning Folks,

I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding at the Goodwood Hotel at Glorious Goodwood West Sussex of Kelly and Paul. The day was bitterly cold but the rain stayed away! We were a little disappointed as the estate was closed for the day due to the re-surfacing of the road ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. It really hit home how much planning there is for this event!

The wedding day started in Billingshurst, West Sussex and the house was full of excitement of the wonderful day ahead. We then headed over to Goodwood to see the boys and capture some images before Paul had his interview. Kelly arrived with her Dad and the Bridesmaids looking gorgeous and the whole day was full of happiness and fun. The reception room was like something out of Narnia; absolutely gorgeous.

We did manage to get outside for some portraiture and also the group shots, we had the blanket at hand to make sure Kelly was nice and cosy though; this was definitely not the weather to be bearing one's shoulders for too long!

I have photographed a number of weddings over the last two weeks and the weather has been wildly different for each one. Part of being an experienced professional wedding photographer is being completely unfazed by our glorious but changeable weather and turning what some would see a disadvantage into some lovely images that are as individual as the couple you are photographing. Being unfazed though is borne from extensive training and experience of being the sole photographer at many weddings. Oh stop yakking Claire and get on with chatting about today's images I hear you say; so without further ado here we go.

This image makes me just smile; this was the moment that Kelly and Paul were pronounced Husband and Wife and Kelly face just beams. This is the most important part of the day and the joy and relief when all has run smoothly is really evident here. I love image two and the steps leading up to the Whiskey bar caught my eye at the pre-wedding shoot; I just knew that Kelly had to look magnificent here. The first dance is always a part of the day I enjoy photographing, it is such a intimate moment and a time to share a few moments together to reflect on what a wonderful day it has been. The love between Kelly and Paul just oozes from this image and I always like to light these images to hone in on the intimate nature of what I am photographing. Last but not least something that is always important in any wedding day, the first official images as Husband and Wife.

I am furiously editing weddings here, remembering, giggling and shedding the odd tear and so pleased that I was chosen to be a part of the couples' big day.

Have a great week folks,

Claire :)

Goodwood House and Hotel Wedding Venue near Chichester West Sussex

Goodwood-house-and-hotel-weddimg-venue-chichester-west-sussexGoodwood House and Hotel is a beautiful wedding venue nestled in the West Sussex Countryside near Chichester. The hotel has many beautiful grounds and features and is situated quite close to the house. The house has the most amazing architecture and is the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Goodwood is about 1 hour 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport and to see the festival of speed and Goodwood revival is a must.