Graveteye Manor Luxury Intimate wedding venue in Sussex – Jasmine and Christian




Good Afternoon Folks,

I am a bit closer to home this week at Gravetye Manor and I am very much looking forward to photographing at this luxury intimate wedding venue in Sussex.

Jasmine first contacted me after she was chatting with our very own award winning designer Emma Tindley as she had been badly let down by her previous photographer. She came along to have a chat with me; I am not usually so vocal but I was shocked when she told me that she had paid this photographer a substantial booking fee with the firm agreement that her wedding date could be changed. Despite Jasmine contacting this person on several occasions with the new date, they did not get back to her at all; eventually when Jasmine persisted the photographer e-mailed back saying they were no longer a photographer!!! This photographer had not supplied her with any receipts for her money, the website was a blogspot (so completely free) website with not contact address or telephone number, just an e-mail address. When Jasmine was looking for her photographer originally she researched one of the biggest bridal blogs and because they had this person on their recommended list along with two or three articles that featured the photographer, she felt confident this person was professional! I hate to hark on but lots of brides use these blogs as a valuable resource and I think Jasmine has been badly let down. So just a few last things; make sure your photographer is professionally qualified with one of the organisations, has a proper website with an address and telephone number(s) and always insist on a receipt or paid with thanks invoice for money that you pay to them. If a photographer talks about passion without the back up of qualifications then you can be pretty much rest assured they don’t have any!

So onto happier things because I am so pleased to be photographing their amazing wedding and the pre-wedding shoot was to explore a very distinctive style they had in mind; when we chatted at our initial meeting with Christian I knew this was going to be great. I think you can probably see the style we are aiming for on the big day from a small selection of the images you see here and it suits Gravetye perfectly. They are having a very intimate wedding, which is Gravetye’s speciality; we are so lucky to have this gem so close to home and I cannot wait to be there with them on their wedding day.

For Jasmine and Christian it is all about the excitement now and really looking forward to a wonderful day that will be the start of the rest of their lives together.

See you soon you two,

Claire 🙂