The Spa Hotel Tunbridge Wells Kent Wedding Venue - Natalie and Darren

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Good Evening Folks,

This week's blog features a regular for me a the wedding venue The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells Kent. Natalie and Darren had their wedding ceremony in The Orangery followed by a drinks reception on the lawns and their wedding reception in The Royal Suite.

We joined the girls in one of the beautiful suites that have different themes by the way…tres chic!!! I always love this part of the day; you can feel the excitement in the air as you enter the hotel and it is wonderful to be a part of it all. We had tons of fun here but in what seemed a blink of an eye it was time to find the lads and photograph them before they settled our lovely Darren in The Orangery. Now what a stroke of luck this was folks; one of the best men, Nathan is a wedding planner and how fab was he on the day…we love you Nathan!!

Natalie came wafting beautifully to the entrance of The Orangery and looked a delight as she made her way towards Darren to start the next chapter of their lives together. I think it must be something in the air because once again the service, although solemn was liberally sprinkled with giggles and this always has me grinning like a Cheshire cat behind the lens :D

We had so much fun during the group shots and the lads were really being lads, and I love it. Then it was on to the wedding breakfast where a good time was had by all. During the second Bride and Groom portraiture of the day Julie and I were compared to Laurel and Hardy….the tale is too long to recount here but needless to day we were in fits of laughter as poor Natalie was resplendent on the stairs with Darren trying to relay instructions behind; ahhh happy times :)

When did I cry at this wedding; well it was just as the first dance finished; Natalie had this look on her face that just said it all for me and boom I was gone!!

Natalie and Darren we had so much fun before, during and after your day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the honour of photographing your wedding.

So folks, who is having a spoooooky Friday; do you have your sweeties ready for trick and treating. I do and I hope there aren't too many left so that I am tempted to eat them…eeeeekk!!!

Claire :)

Weddings at The Spa Hotel - Amba and Neil

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>wedding photography for the spa hotel tunbridge wells kent
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Good Afternoon Folks,

Welcome to another gorgeous wedding at The Spa Hotel Tunbridge Wells with Amba and Neil.

I first met Amba and Neil last year at The Spa Hotel to discuss their wedding plans and I was delighted when they chose me to cover their day. They had chosen the Orangery for their wedding ceremony followed by a drinks reception in The Chandelier room with their wedding reception being hosted in the Royal Suite. I know that Amba was worried about the weather and it did not help that the rain was absolutely lashing it down for their pre-wedding photography shoot but on the day the sun shone. We were able to meander down to the lake for some lovely portraiture and they were able to have their group shots on the lawns, it really could not have been planned any better.

Amba and Neil had thought of everything to make the day a special one for their guests and it really did show how much they cared for each and every person who attended. I loved their wedding ceremony as I could see the joy on both their faces as they took their vows to become man and wife. I am an old softy, no matter how many weddings I photograph I just love watching my couples 'tie the knot' and every wedding is unique and special.

Another memorable moment for me was listening to Neil's speech and him recounting the first date that he had with Amba; it was hilarious and had me in stitches!!
We left everyone having the most amazing evening reception and really getting into the dancing. On the way home Lorraine and I chatted about another lovely day watching another lovely couple starting out on life's great adventure together.

Who has been enjoying the weather; I couldn't quite get my head around the fact I was photographing a wedding on a Saturday in late October with short sleeves!!!!! This week I am editing our lovely Sunny Andre's latest shoot so watch out for some more sneak peeks coming up soon.

Have a happy week folks and pop back soon,

Claire :)

Buxted Park Hotel East Sussex Wedding Venue - Becky and Nic

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Good Morning Folks,

I loved being a photographer at Buxted Park Hotel for the wedding of  Becky and Nic's Buxted Park Hotel East Sussex wedding venue and what ia pleasure it is to visit time and time again.

Becky and Nic had their wedding ceremony in Buxted Park Hotel's very fine orangery and it really did look lovely. The boys from Pollen really did pull out all the stops with an amazing array of red roses that took my breath away.

We had great fun in the morning during Becky's bridal preparations who I might add was very chilled throughout. It was all hands on deck to get the younger bridesmaids' hair done with Elaine and I mucking in…but I must say Nicky Clarke I am not!!!

We then popped down to photograph the boys ahead of the service. No Buxted Park wedding is complete without the amazing Marc who is such fun and a real asset to this lovely hotel. The wedding service had lots of giggles, which I love and then it was champers and canapés time. Once the photography was completed the gang piled into the ballroom for their sumptuous meal, but not before a few cheeky shots of the 'dirty martini' girls!

Ahh now I shall leave you today with a very memorable best man's speech in the form of a court case and he was the judge, absolutely hilarious and so well thought out. This speech was so entertaining and had me in fits of laugher. Becky had the last work; guilty or not guilty; now what do you think she said…

The blog image layout is slowly improving as I get to grips with things; I am liking it, what do you think.

This weekend is another lovely wedding and gazing at my amazing new website!!!!!

Claire :)

Weddings at South Lodge Hotel West Sussex - Amanda and Damien


Good Afternoon Folks,

Well it’s been a while since my last blog post but you can probably see why because I have a brand spanking new website that I am incredibly excited about. My vision started in the New Year and finally with the help of Simon my very talented web designer this gorgeous little baby can finally be unveiled!!


So we are going to kick off with a wedding and I am going to do some serious wedding blogging over the next few weeks to showcase my amazing wedding clients. Say hello to Amanda and Damien who were married at South Lodge Hotel near Horsham West Sussex. It was lovely to be doing the wedding photography at South Lodge Hotel again; this venue never fails to disappoint and I know there will always be something new and interesting to photograph.


We started off with Amanda's bridal preparation that took place in one of the hotel's very sumptuous rooms, then it was off to see what the boys were up to ahead of the wedding. Paul G Smith their Toastmaster was ensuring the whole day would run smoothly as usual when he attends an wedding. Amanda and Damien's dream of an outdoor wedding came true as the weather was very kind. Afterwards we had tremendous fun with our portraiture and group shots; I was laughing at Damien's high jinks and Amanda just rolled her eyes!!! Everybody sat down to a truly fab meal ahead of lots of revelry in the evening. The Gladstone Suite at South Lodge was lit to match the colours of the day, so every detail had been thought through.


As you can see we have an all new image presentation too; it is still a work in progress to "bear with" as they say in Miranda whilst I get to grips with it :) :)
This year has been quite the year and I cannot wait to tell you all about it as and when I blog, so as they say folks… this space.
Claire :)