Good Afternoon Folks,

What a whirlwind of a week this has been; it is nice to be able to finally sit down to write this week’s blog and this is from the wedding at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex of Gabrielle and Francisco. The science observatory is also situated here and this is very pertinent to both Gabrielle and Francicsco. The sun shone and Herstmonceux castle looked absolutely glorious. We had lots of silly fun while Gabrielle was having her interview, so much so she wondered what we had all been up to! Francisco walked in with his two children ahead of Gabrielle and it really made the entrance something special. After the ceremony everyone gathered in the courtyard and basked in the sun to have a chat over a Pimms or two. This venue has some magnificent features and we had made some photography plans when I met them at the venue earlier in the year. It is brilliant when a shot that has been in the planning comes together and I am pleased to day the ones we were chatting about did 🙂

It was then into the grandeur of the ballroom to start the reception with the first dance, this was followed by a very energetic and fun traditional Mexican dance with Sombreros and everything, I loved it. The theme of the wedding day was so fitting to them both, the cake I just loved and was genius. Gypsophila featured heavily in the flower arrangements and this is sometimes called a million stars, so I can see why they chose that.

What are today’s images I hear you ask, well without further ado, here we go. The castle as a backdrop is awe inspiring and I just had to make use of the leading lines here; everything leads to Gabrielle and Fransisco and the castle enhances rather than overpowers them. Part of a photographer’s job is to ‘see the light’ and this is paramount on sunnier days as we head toward the summer months; shadows become stronger and less flattering and it is now more than ever that an experienced and competent photographer’s skills will be tested; is is just not enough to click the shutter and hope for the best! We loved this window and after the wedding service we spent a happy few minutes capturing some special moments here. Ahh the confetti shot; this is a documentary image that unfolds and it has so many elements to it that allow the viewer to find something different every time. Last but not least a sneaky peek at the silliness taking place, this is Francisco with his two children and their was giggling abound, which made for a very relaxed and happy wedding party.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend; not sure about the weather after the glory of Bank Holiday. I am easily pleased because finally I can see leaves on the trees; yup, told you, easily pleased!

Claire 🙂