Good Afternoon Folks,

I was recently with Pru and Simon for their pre-wedding photography shoot at Hayne Barn House, Hythe, Kent. The day was chilly but at least it wasn’t raining!

This is a very special wedding for me because I have to do something a little different; deliver the images to Simon as I am taking them! Simon is not able to see due to a nasty road accident so our aim is to put him in the very special position of having his wedding photographs before Pru even. The pre-wedding photography shoot was to put our plan into action and it definitely worked I think.

The day started at Pru and Simon’s house and we set off to the venue with a planned detour along the way. The sat nav was turned off in the car and my own personal sat nav in the form of Simon directed me to our detour then to the venue; now this is amazing, Simon can calculate my speed too! The only hiccup was the non-existent bridge that Pru and I were at a loss to find, Simon was insistent it was there until he remembered it was a different town; it kept Pru and I on our toes though.

So on to today’s images and the descriptives are for Simon, so here goes:-

Image One – This is where we started in the gardens, we are at the half moon crazy paved steps, you are looking deep into Pru’s eyes and you holding and facing each other. This imagery has the symmetry of the yew trees behind and they are a lush green, the sky is grey. The steps lead you up to where you are both posing. The image shows you both in your surroundings so you can see all of the Yew Trees, the steps, the path and a little bit of grass either side. Even though are not the biggest subjects in the image everything leads to you, making you the most important part of the image. Oh and the coffee is on the wall behind me at the bottom of the path near to the house!!
Image Two – You are both walking back towards the house, you are looking at Pru and Pru is looking back up at you. It is such a happy image and you are smiling and very relaxed in each others company. You halfway along the lawn with the half moon steps and yew trees behind you; this image is again very lush and green but with grey skies. The coffee is very nearly in your grasp Simon!
Image Three – This is a black and white image of Pru in the room where we were chatting to the wedding planner; Pru is on the sofa opposite to the one where you had the meeting, she does not have her glasses on and I am taking the picture slightly to one side. You are standing to the side and slightly behind me and she is giving you the most loving look; her eyes are soft and dewy and she is smiling beautifully. Or to put it another way the look that is totally opposite to the one she gives when you are being naughty 😉
Image Four – This is you Simon in glorious black and white, it was taken in the same room as image three and you are sitting on the hard backed chair next to the window. I have taken the image of you in profile from the right hand side of your face. It is classically lit in a rembrandty style (like I explained to you on the day).
Image Five – This is another black and white image of you both. It was taken in the conifer trees just behind the crazy paved path with the yew trees. If you remember, we saw it and walked back and on the way back there was talk of you jumping that little wall that split the garden into tiers; the anal, sensible one (me) said no. I know, I know I spoil all your fun. This is taken from your left side and Pru is looking up at you, she has a minxish glint in her eye and I do believe she may have been caressing your buttock at this point; needless to say you have a very satisfied smile in this image Simon 🙂

We had loads of fun on the day and you both always make me giggle. When Simon was being minxish, which folks was more often than not Pru had this look that she gives him. I kept on saying “ooh Simon you don’t want to be seeing that look, you have been naughty again.” He said “do I get that look often Claire” I responded “quite a lot Simon, quite a lot” he just laughed and was even more minxish……love it!

I am so looking forward to seeing you both and the ever gorgeous Umber on the big day.

Have a great weekend folks and catch up soon,

Claire 🙂