Good Morning Folks,

We had a stunning day for the pre-wedding photography shoot at Buxted Park Hotel, Uckfield East Sussex. The funny colours that you are about to see are blue skies!

I met Nicola and Dean in the wonderful bar at Buxted as they had enjoyed a wonderful lunch there; I can testify the food is amazing 🙂 After a nice chat with Nicola’s parents they wandered off and we went exploring. Pre-wedding shoots are a great and unhurried way to find new spots to use on the wedding day, and if the weather behaves itself (ha, ha) then we have plans!

Today I am posting 5 images; the day was so lovely I thought we needed cheering up with blue skies and sun! The Church that is next to Buxted looks like quite a hefty walk when driving to the venue but I was really surprised that you could walk to the venue through the grounds in a matter of minutes; wouldn’t that be lovely on a wedding day. Here we see Nicola and Dean having a sneaky walk with blue skies and yes folks…warmth! The backdrop of that magnificent house never fails to make me gush and it really is a wonderful backdrop for the wedding photography; I don’t like to be too serious so we were being silly as usual. I like the rim lighting in this image and with the black and white tones gives a dreamy look to the overall image. The Pillars are brilliant, on sunny days they create all sorts of wonderful shadows and on rainy days gives a bit of shelter if one wanted to nip outside for some shots; I love this shot of Nicola basking in the rays and what are those weird contraptions on her face…oh yes sunglasses; it has been so long since I last saw them. Last but not least a very debonair Dean; he is not going for the traditional wedding attire and I cannot wait to see him on the day, he really has chosen the most fabulous outfit; gutted though because he won’t be wearing his flat cap 🙁

As a little side note all the images were taken with the Olympus OMD; I am really enjoying getting to grips with these little beauties. Still love my faithful friends of course!

Have a great week folks and catch up with you all later.

Claire 🙂